Friday, July 13, 2018

Global Reset Is Underway


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As we go through this News Blast we will realize that the Global Financial Reset is fully underway.

As the Global Paradigm now occurs we are seeing that QE has killed the economies world wide as massive layoffs loom.

The Default on US Treasury Bonds issued out of Puerto Rico, combined with the potential collapse of Deutsche Bank, may well spell the doom of our current Fiat Currency.

The value of the dollar will drop like a Lead Weight in the ocean soon.

What this means is that anything we have saved in paper like stocks, bonds, IRA’s, CD’s will collapse in value - as they did in the Ukraine 15 years ago.

I had some friends in the Ukraine who had sizable investments until the collapse of their Grivna. Their $10,000 investment is now worth about $380.

Their retirement was around $500 per month plus a free apartment and free heat and is now worth about $19 a month.

That is exactly what is going to happen to our Dollar once this reset is complete.

Either we are ready for it or we are not ready for it.

So as the Fiat System begins it’s march into Oblivion, the supply of Gold begins to run dry and the Silver Supply gets sucked up for High Tech “Stuff” - primarily by  the World’s Militaries - we may see some unavoidable price changes within the Heavy Metals Sectors very, very soon.

Whether or not a Major Systemic Event” triggers an immediate financial reset - like a war or Environmental Disaster - or it occurs over the next few years we do not know.

What we do know is that there is a Global Economic Reset occurring and we need to get involved before we get run over and left behind.

We also know that Gold and Silver will be the New Money and Cryptos may play a roll in international trade.

We also believe that there may be a systematic closing of Globalist Cabal Banks world wide that will disrupt so many things - like your Social Security Retirement Pay, etc.

The two events that may change everything may be:

1) Deutsche Bank Failure along with the Italian, French and German Banking Systems spilling across the globe.

2) Introduction of the Gold Trade Note.

Conrad -   I am glad to have you here today and I am glad we are converting what little we have into Gold and Silver.

Can’t feed people on Dreams - it takes money.

You watch the markets like a hawk and you are an expert in all of this.

What can you tell us and how do we prepare for this change?


Please pray for the President’s Safety and for that your families are ready for what is coming.

The Wall of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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