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Guess Who's Spending $143,000 A Second?


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We - the American Public - are actually spending around $143.000 per second

$143,000 X 60 Sec/Minute X 60 Minutes/hr X 24 Hours/Day X 365 Days/Yr = $4.5 Trillion Dollars.

Of which around $1.5 Trillion is in debt.

This deos not include

1) Money designated for the Top Secret Space Program around $6 Trillion/year

2) The $50,000 a second for military over runs - Around $1.5 Trillion/Year.

3) Social Security for over 80 Million Refugees - of which 40 million live overseas - which amounts to around $110,000 a second - which is around $3.5 Trillion/Year.

Keep in mind Social Security is a Foreign corporation owned by the Stewart Trust which is controlled by the English King.

Although Congressman Ron Paul underestimated the numbers - his warning should be heeded.

This type of fiscal irresponsibility will not end well - not for the Americans Public and not for this planet.

The secret to all of this is there are no GOOD GUYS that are going to ride in on White Horses to solve this problem. We will have to face this Government Created debt.

Yes - under Cadio Fujisoria we do not actually owe the debt because unelected officials created it - but watch how it is being manipulated to hurt the Little Guy.

All of the things GOD has asked President’s Trump and Putin to do have been ignored - everything. They are trying to solve this problem on their own and it was created as an Unsolvable Problem without a Massive Nuclear Exchange.

Whether or not we look like Venezuela soon remains to be seen as a cup of coffee now costs in excess of 1.5 Million Bolivars - as devaluation we are now seeing in nations like Turkey an Argentina as well.

We are also seeing both Private and Government Pension Funds nearing collapse as their Political contributions to the Democrats have drained their principles.

So what we will see over the next year is either huge tax increases to support these Pensioners or a collapse of their Pension Funds.

Be assured that this was orchestrated by the Democrats - but whoever did this the problem remains. Many these pension funds are going broke very quickly.

When we looked at CALPERS Pension Funds it appears the have enough money to run for 3 more years and then it will go bust.

What is so sad is that the Fraud Committed by the US Treasury Department in letting these funds give away so much for Political Contributions in violation of their Insurance Contracts is that no one in the US Treasury will have to go to jail for these crimes.

No one.

So while President Trump is considering pulling A few Security Clearances of those who committed Murder and Money Laundering the American Pension Program - including Federal Pensions - are about to go belly up.


Our Medical Care of our Veterans has reached Rock Bottom.

Across the VA we have many VA employees who do a Great Job and many who were hired under Affirmative Action who actually HATE our veterans. It’s amazing what you hear when you wear a Suit to the VA for an appointment.

Again - many of the VA Employees - especially among the younger doctors - HATE our veterans.

What is even more disgusting is that if you ask for Mental Help at the VA there is a good chance that under Title 18 USC 922d the VA will contact the FBI and have your rights - all of your rights  taken away.

If you are collecting VA disability for PTSD the VA is about to send the FBI a list of all of these individuals and have their rights pulled away.

In 2017 alone the VA provided the FBI with an additional 167,815 names of individuals the FBI the removed their rights to Keep and Bear Arms, buy a weapon or even go hunting.

So you, as a veteran, protected their rights and, the VA hires a foreigner who barely speaks English who receives 100 hours of training and is  then called a “VA Doctor” and they eliminate your rights because they do not like you.

What is even worse is that Nurses who do not speak English and are not yet American Citizens are hired and given 10 hours of training and called “Nurses” and also can remove your Constitutional Rights --- and they can’t even say the world “Constitution!”

Not kidding.

The number of wrong prescriptions sent out by the VA is incredible. Call the pharmacy and you may speak to someone filling prescriptions who barely speaks English!!!

So to them what is the difference between Doxycycline and Tetracycline?

So suppose you have a problem and you can’t get through to the VA or even get an appointment for, say,  a broken toe.

You decide to call the VA Suicide Hot Line to get help navigating this insane system and within a few minutes the Cops show up at your house and remove whatever they please - rifles, pistols and even cooking knives.

No warrants, no written notification, no court hearing - they just show up and steal your property.

All together now - the VA has sent the FBI their names and medical records over 367,000 Veterans who they believe should have their rights stripped from them.

If you wish to challenge what some Foreigner “VA Doctor” says about you the legal costs will run around $100,00 and no one ever gets disciplined.

The VA is a Rogue Corporation that spends 98% of it’s time now dealing with Mental Disabilities - not physical disabilities and a Veteran is stuck.

The local Medicare Employees here in Seattle tell me that they actually now take all 100% physically Disabled Vets and put them on Medicare the VA health care is so bad.

Please pray that the VA Either hires 100% Veterans or disbands their hospitals and sends everything out into the community.


Yet another vaccine Scandal - this time in China.

This time - the company Changchun Changsheng violated the standards by mislabeling up to 250,000 doses of the Diptheria, Tetanus and Whooping Cough vaccines.

Exactly what they sent out for use in their children is at this point unknown.

These Vaccine Scandals are getting worse and worse.


The Top Voting Machine Vendor, Election Systems (ES&S) , admitted in a letter to a Senator Ron Ryden (OR) that their machines have a Back Door where the actual votes can be controlled remotely.

In other words - your vote no longer counts.


Please pray that this insane use of Voting Machines stops and the FBI gets the guts to arrest those where were actually caught committing Election Fraud in 2016.

Please also pray that President Trump gets the guts to arrest the FBI agents who refuse to do their job.

Please pray for President Trump’s Safety.

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


USA Headquarters for DENAS Products, Support & Training

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