Thursday, July 12, 2018

Deep State Now Melting Down


(192) Deep State Melt Down Occurring World Wide - YouTube


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The Deep State Lefty Loony’s are literally in a Melt Down.

Apparently the man they call THE DARK STAR - President Trump - who refuses to go along with the killing of 7 Billion Humans - dos not back down on the issues he was elected on because a few Nut Cases at the top scream and holler.

Here are some examples of what is really going on:

1) The FBI Funded ANTIFA in Portland, Oregon are once again rioting after House Bill 6054 was passed - clearly stating that a masked person causing injuries or threatens anyone will spend up to 15 years in Prison.

Please pray that the FBI Funded Terrorists get their funding cut to nothing.

2) Rob Rosenstein -- Deputy US Attorney’s General - has requested 100 additional attorneys to investigate President Trump’s new US Supreme Court Justice Pick and did so before he was even picked.

This Lefty Loony - why is he still employed by the US Justice Department?


3) Obama Officials are freaking out after President Trump told NATO Members they need to pay what they agreed to pay according to the Contract they signed when NATO was formed.

Former Secretary Of State John Kerry #2 (Wide Chinned) criticized the President at a NATO Meeting. So why is he even there - he represents no one, right?

Former CIA Director John Brennan, a Huge Drug dealer, was also at a NATO Meeting representing no one spoke against President Trump.  criticized President Trump at a NATO Meeting.

The list goes on and on and on.

Why are these people not in jail for murder?

Yet they are all chiming in on everything - even criticizing the President on the New US Supreme Court Appointee before they knew who it would be.

Since the President will not arrest these Murderers and liars - pray that GOD flattens these former Obama Officials and Neutralizes them for life.

4) Over 10% of the US Treasury Department International Affairs Unit has resigned and many of them are leaving this country - running like scared pups.

With a REAL HIRING FREEZE instituted by President Trump they cannot be replaced.



In order to keep up the fervor against the Presidnet Stormy Daniels was arrested fro violating regulations at a strip club.

Her scummy attorney got her off - but look closely.

Look very closely.

One storm Daniels has Ear Lobes and Evil Eyebrows, the other does not.

So now the Democrats are going to have to turn ot Hollywood to find a candidate to run against President Trump

It’s over for the Democratic NAZI Party.


1)   3D Printing of Guns and Gun Parts is Constitutionally Protected according to the US Justice Department under “Freedom Of Speech.”

2) A Federal Court has ruled that taking away one’s Driver’s License for failure to pay Court Fees is Unconstitutional.

Further - in a recent ruling the Federal Courts ruled that the Tenessee Law allowing Debtor’s Prison is unconstitutional as well/

This means NO jail time for unpaid Child Support.

3) The US Nuclear Industry is in a freefall.

Long Term cost for operating Nuclear Power Plants is absolutely Astronomical and out Nuclear Plants are old and falling apart.

What we will be left with is a crumbling pile of a Nuclear Waste Sites that will remain radioactive for several Million years.


We did not get into Politics to tell lies, get hits and make money - we got into it to stop the Full Scael Nuclear War these Lefty Loony’s have demanded since 2006 - Demon Possessed Men like Comey, Mueller, John Kerry 1 & 2, etc.

So buckle up folks and learn the truth and be ready.

The FBI Confirmed over 22 Terrorist Camps in the US as of 6 years ago - but the number is actually around 55 scattered across this nation.

Today I watched a ship come in to port loaded with anything but what it said it had.

From Coast to Coast the FBI leaders still working for Comey/Mueller are importing mass amounts of weapons into these camps - from in the hills above Boise to near Pendleton Oregon to the caves in Florida.

Weapons imported include Nukes up to 5KT and many, many .1KT Nukes, Pistols and Machine Guns.

So the Conexes come into port, are sold to the Port and then resold to these NGO Corporations and distributed using US Special Forces and FBI Vehicles.

If Benjamin Fulford is correct and the Mass Arrests begin in August, the truth breaks loose in September and the Economic Reset begins in October the FBI will be poised to shut down the Electrical Grid and create huge Riots across the nation AND kill tens of thousands of Farmers, Loggers and Ranchers.

The FEMA Camps will be used to kill those who fight back. Modeled after Auschwitzs in Germany these FEMA camps are meant for you to enter but never leave.

We need to pray that those now receiving these weapons are stopped, the 800 + FEMA camps are dismantled, and the 55 FBI Funded Terrorist Camps are destroyed and those who are in them are sent to Prison Forever.

I have been Hyper Critical of President Trump because I have been personally injured both physically and financially while saving his life - as those who follow this channel are already aware of.

Yet despite these efforts those who a breathing today do not assist me and it is becoming harder and harder to locate these Assassination Attempts and Nuclear False Flags where I currently Live.

Despite my feelings GOD has a plan for Donald Trump as President so despite my Personal feelings we must pray that he is safe and effective in taming this insane bunch of Lefty Loony’s now trying to destroy Planet Earth.

To the Coolest, must active and smartest audience in the world - see you tomorrow when THE WALL OF TRUTH  returns


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