Monday, July 9, 2018

Union Dues Are No Longer Necessary


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Thank’s Noble Gold for supporting us and as Union Members save bucks they can build their own retirements in Gold and Silver.


We have just received a Public Notice that Union Employees -- Including - and Especially Public Union Members - no longer have to pay Union Dues or Membership Fees.

The US Supreme Court has just released this as the stated in MARK JANUS V. AFSCME Council 31:

“The First Amendment is violated when money is taken from non-consenting employees for a public-sector union; employees must choose to support the union before anything is taken from them.”

Thus - Public Employees have a Constitutional Right to cease financially supporting labor Unions if they wish. Public Employees may no longer be fired or Disciplined for refusing to join or support a Union.

Dues vary widely from one union to another but can be as high as $3,600 a year.

You must notify your Union in Writing that you wish to resign your membership and cease paying Union Dues and Fees. Resignation Forms can be downloaded from:


An employees wages and benefits will continue to be set by the Union Collective Bargaining Agreement and will not change if the Employee resigns from the union.

However - non-union members may not participate in internal Union Affairs since you have resigned from the Union.

To learn more you may call


I believe that this ruling also extends into the Non-Public Sector Unions such as Boeing Union Dues, AFL/CIO Union Dues, Trucker’s Union Dues, Safeway Checkers Union, etc.

Participation in YOUR retirements is a separate issue and separate corporation and, in most cases, these large retirement plans are being taken over by the US Treasury Department because they have given YOUR Retirements Funds to the Democratic Parties and they are now facing bankruptcy soon.

It is the beginning of the end of the Democratic Nazhional Zozhaleest (NAZI) Party.


There is a coming summit between Russia and the USA in Helsinki starting on the 16th of July.

Here President Trump will meet with President Putin  and representatives of the Red Chinese Communist Party to discuss upcoming events, such as:

1) US Pull Out from Syria and the Star Gates in Syria and Iraq have been shut down.

2) Arrests of the Swamp Creatures in August currently surrounding the White House in Washington DC and the Taming of the UN in New York City. This especially includes the arrests of those in the American, Germanan and French Press for trying to murder several Presidents world wide and  complicity in attempting to start a Nuclear World Conflict.

3) In September - the release of all information regarding 9/11, 3/11, the Opium Fields Profits from Afghanistan, the Bush’s past and present participation in supporting the 3rd and 4th NAZI Reich, and the list goes on and on.

4) In October - the Financial Reset using a Dual Universe for settling debts world wide - the US Dollar and Chinese Yuan - both will be Gold backed.

Please -- do not let any “Rogue” US Jets into Helsinki air Space during this conference and you may wish to consider conducting your real negotiations in the Underground Bunkers there - AND - Consider taking US Air Force One by a different rout to Helsinki as many wish to stop this conference worldwide - especially in DC and Berlin ---- Hint Hint.

Please pray for our President’s Safety are neutralized for life immediately.

Pray also to protect your families as the sun changes and from the  coming economic changes and Financial Reset.


Opt Out Today

11-681 Harris v. Quinn (06/30/2014)

Summit between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to be held in Helsinki on July 16

Benjamin Fulford: Arrests in August; 9/11 announcement in September; and Jubilee in October?

Russia Prepares For “Death Blow” Against American “Deep State” Forces In Syria President Trump Has Now “Disavowed” The Existence Of

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