Monday, July 2, 2018

Deep State Going 6 Feet Under Very Soon


(526) Deep State About To Go Under - YouTube

As the planet begins to awaken we are realizing that this battle is not about the left vs. the right, or Socialism vs. Capitalism - it is about whether or not Planet Earth will survive.

Keep in mind that the smaller Nuke headed towards the UN Headquarters on the 12th (+-3 Days) for a High Noon Detonation it could very easily set off a “Doomsday Bomb” currently being completed at the Norfolk’s Top Secret Navy base and crack this planet up into a million pieces.

Not kidding.

The Fallen Angels would then just take their Super Duper Top Secret Space Program and begin again on another planet - but ours would become a mere meteor Shower blowing in the Celestial Wind.

On the other hand - as the Sun changes and gets larger we either unite as a planet and begin to use the formulas GOD gave me or our life on the surface will soon cease to exist. So GOD has said it - so it shall be.

So - now that we are in the right frame of mind….what is being done to unite this planet to burry these Elites before they burry us?

To date the US Department of Justice has issued over 40,000 indictments that can be seen if you subscribe to Nexus/Lexus or Wesmar or Pacer.

Normally this number is about 1,000 a year - but has accelerated in order to put the Deep State Under.

Further - US Federal Jude District Judge Thomas Selby Elis 3rd has issued a ruling that will send Robert Mueller’s (Son of Heinrich Mueller, head of the NAZI Gestapo & SS) Russian Investigation down in flames.

Further - as you recall President Trump signed an Executive Order placing the United States Corporation in a National State Of Emergency.

Further - there was an Indictment against West Virginia’s Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughery on 22 Criminal Charges that would put him away for the rest of his life. Apparently this Supreme Court Judge is directly connected to Senator Traitor John McCain and the creation of the fake Russia Investigation.

What is so funny about this whole thing is I hold Russian Passport AA-0029 and I am very Pro Trump. In fact - I was the first You Tuber to support him wholeheartedly.

Further - there are now 50 Senator’s and Congressman that have not returned to Congress after the last break. They have been “TOLD” not to return or face real Jail Time for they involvement in selling America down the river.

There are also now investigations into President Obama’s eligibility to be President and if determined he was not eligible ALL of his Judicial Appointments go down in flames. 

Officially Barrack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya as I have a Certified copy of his Birth Certificate - but he was actually born in Indonesia.

So as Justice Kennedy retires and a new US Corporate Supreme Court Judge is appointed what really matters, in accordance with the Organic Constitution of 1971 - is how the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules isn’t it?

So as the fight to save Planet Earth from total extinction continues we shall see what plays out.



1) Trump will never run for president


2) Trump will never win


3) Trump will never release his financials


4) Trump will never win New Hampshire

5) Trump will never deport illegal aliens

6)Trump will never bring back manufacturing jobs

7) Trump will never beat ISIS

8) Trump will never bring about peace in the Koreas

9) Trump will never build The Wall


Trump will never arrest those 40,000 who committed Treason


Wanna Bet?

Even Andrew Coumo - Governor of New York - is now being taken down as you read this


As the Democrats begin to turn on themselves like Rabid Dogs going down with the Sinking Ship Maxine Waters is screaming at Chuckie Schumer saying:

“He’ll Do Anything for His Power.”


(Thank GOD for Noble Gold - where we can invest without being destroyed)

1) TELSA is now tanking as  Investors begin to realize that Elon Musk stole the Tesla Company and then stole his Investor’s Dollars.

2) Amazon - a Company that his almost 100% supported by OUR TAX DOLLARS now accounts for about 1/3rd of all returns on the S&P.

3) Twitter gets word of the New Trump Bill called the US Fair And Reciprocal Tariff Act - FART.

So this FART Bill will level the playing fields in international trade.

So a good FART Bill is needed to eliminate the stench of the Democrats selling out OUR nation.

4) Finally - after spending over  $580 Million Dollars to outfit the Officers in the 101st Airbiorn division with the New M-17 Sig Sauer Pistol the US Army Chief Of Staff said openly that if he had a Credit Card he could have outfitted the entire division for around $17 Million if he bought the pistols at Cabelas Sporting Goods Store. - and he would get a Discount on the Bulk Buy as well.

Pray that whoever misused this 580-17 = $563 Million Dollars is forced to pay it back immediately.


Pray for our President’s Safety and that they fix the Loose Bolt in the center of the rotor of this Military Helicopter immediately and the loose wire on the Pilot’s Headphones in the left ear piece. ==========

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See you tomorrow

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