Sunday, July 22, 2018

Deep State Slips A Cog - Goes Too Far



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1st) Former Director of the National Intelligence Agency James Clapper - one of over 78 US Intelligence Agencies - told Anderson Cooper - Another Tranny - that President Obama is responsible for the entire Russia Dossier and the “Russian Investigation.”

Apparently the entire Rat Pack that surrounded the last President is turning on him - and there is not one loyal rat in his pack.

As Operation Crossfire Hurricane is exposed Clapper is now exposing all - who was involved, what they did, where they went, where they got money from - everything.

The entire Treasonous Plot -  the Complete Destruction of Planet Earth - it’s all coming out.

This could be fun folks so continues to pray these Rats are exposed and stopped.

2) In their constant push for a Massive World Conflict President’s Putin and Trump are about to sign new treaties limiting Nuclear Warheads.

What has not been discussed is that Russia, China and the US have agreed not to follow the United Nations Program called “Atoms For Peace” and make more Nuclear Weapons for smaller nations like North Korea and Pakistan.

3) Further - the Deep State FBI Plot to arrest the Russian Student sent to America  to uncover a plot to kill President Trump and be used to block the latest Supreme Court Nominee  Judge Brett Kavanaugh is backfiring because the truth is now coming out.

Despite the Main Stream media’s lying about the entire trial those that matter are beginning to see the bigger picture - cooperate with the Lefty Loony Deep State and die in a Ball Of Fire as a Nuclear Conflict erupts or cooperate with President Trump and stop this march towards destruction.


3) Sanctuary cities are in big trouble state wide.

Here just south of us in Oregon a new group has arisen - one knowing these Lefty Loony’s are funded by the FBI.

In response a new groups is now pushing for a measure on the ballot that will force Oregon Police to cooperate with ICE.

Why the Governor Of Oregon has not been arrested for treason speaks volumees about our worthless Federal Justice Department.

Anyway - folks are fed up with these Loony’s and going back to basics and taking it tot the local state levels.

4) In the streets of America the Lefty Loony’s have been pushing free drugs and free needle exchanges for years now.

The new synthetic Fentanly the left is allowing to be developed is around 10,000 stronger that Morphine.

This year the CDC estimates over 100,000 deaths will occur due to illegal drugs.

So now this Lefty Policy of Free Drugs is destroying our nation.

After I worked with the Russians on pulling 360 US made Nukes out of Iran and stopping the US/Iran Nuclear Was  the FBI made me homeless for around 6 months.

Real homeless numbers are about 10 Million here in America - about 150,000 just in New York City alone - and about 1 million of them die every year - mostly from drugs.

Keep in mind that here in America over 106,000 people here in died from legal prescription use and about 784,000 died from medical mistakes.

Now do you understand why we support

Get The Tea


Denas Pain Relief Store

5) Overseas - the Red Communist Party has discovered the have pushed too hard.

In their latest initiative called “MADE IN CHINA 2025” the Chinese are spending Billion on subsidizing industries that will destroy overseas manufacturing of Electronics and Electric Train Parts.

In response to these Socialist Policies the rest of the world is apparently placing Tariffs on Chinese Made Products - not just the United States.

So the Leaders - not wishing to inflame the Trump Administration - have ordered their press to not put out any negative stories about him.

Finally - we are all waking up to the fact that Globalism is about a one world religion following Lucifer.

They have gone too far and we are all waking up.

Please pray for our President’s Safety and that he does as GOD directs him to do.

The Wall Of Truth

See You Tomorrow

Dr William B. Mount


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