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Sunday, July 17, 2016



Per your request we are doing this Video - the the smartest, most active audience in the world:


By The Cure we mean helps eliminate the problem to the point where you can live a normal life

a) First - what is a Cataract?

A Cataract occurs when the lenses in your eyes begin to fog over, so increasingly you are looking through eyes that have a haze over them.

b) Second: Who is effected?

Every one in some way

By age 80 over 70% of whites will have cataracts, only 61% of Hispanics and only 53% of Blacks, although that number is getting closer.

c) When do they start?

Cataracts can begin at any age, but most of them do not start until the age of 40.

d)   What can you do about Cataracts?

Most people have the cataracts removed through a simple procedure using Vibration. The Doctor inserts a tiny vibrator into the lens of the eye and vibrates it and literally sucks out the gray material and then can insert a lens to correct your vision. The procedure is almost 100% effective and fairly painless.

Several things you need to consider:

…….1) The cost is around $3,000 per eye and with the collapse of Medicare and Obama Care the procedure may to be available soon.  If you have a chance to get the surgery then schedule it immediately.

…….2) About 20% of all procedures need a second procedure - the Cloudiness returns within a year or 2.

…….3) Medicare may only pay for 80% of the coverage, leaving you with about a $1,200 bill if you do not have additional coverage.
……..4) With the sun getting hotter and the sun burning more Helium than Hydrogen (Since 1993) the rays coming fdorm the sun are not different and seem to be effecting people in unknown ways so be proactive in taking care of your self.

e) How do you get Cataracts?

Cataracts seem to be related to the foods you eat and the nutrition you get

Studies indicate that if your Water Balance through your Kidneys and Blood Sugars are bad (Diabetes) Cataracts come on fast.

e) Can I avoid getting Cataracts and can I reverse the Cataracts once I have them - or at least prevent getting them again after surgery??

YES - we believe so

……1) Avoid GMO Foods at all costs - Bread, Canola Oil, Soybeans, GMO Corn, Beet Sugar

In fact - avoid sugar at all times

We encourage you to buy from the companies we sponsor as their food and teas are non-GMO and help clean out your blood, your intestines, etc.
When you click on the links below the video  you pay what  we pay - allot of sale too.

…….2) Eat EDTA once a week. Many, many studies have shown that Cataracts are completely reversed by using EDTA. We ate it for 2 years - 1,200 MG every Saturday - and my Wife’s Blood Pressure came down 50 points.

…….3) We found that Immusist increased the effectiveness of EDTA and when we added 15 drops per day of Immusist to my Wife’s Diet her blood Pressure came down 30 more points - to 120/80 - within about 1 month.
…….4) The use of Citricare in conjunction with Immusist really seems helps improve vision - especially when there are Blood Sugar Issues.

We each eat about 20 drops of Immusist per day along with 5 drops of Citricare. This amount seems to  fit us well.

As for a close friend - she has eaten about 500MG of EDTA once a month and her level 1 Cataracts have not gotten any worse in these 2 years

A second friend has eaten about 1,200 MG EDTA once a week for about  2 years and the they have no cataracts - everything has been reversed.

In some private studies eating large amounts of Sea Weed also helps prevent Cataracts.

It is an individual thing.

A few final notes:

EDTA is so effective on reversing Cataracts on Dogs it was patented

All human trials using EDTA to reverse Cataracts or lower Blood Pressure have been pulled from the Internet and Medical Journals

Gee - you wonder why????

Please keep in mind it takes years to reverse Cataracts and there are no guarantees.

EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid) is a Human Hormone that make your veins and arteries more flexible. I 1951 a Sailor on a US Ship opened a barrel so he could find out what was in it and label it.. He and was knocked out. So the Navy did some tests on the effects of the EDTA. What they found was that his veins were extremely flexible and he had NO plaque build up in his vein and arteries - it was gone.

So in 1951 the US Navy learned that low doses of EDTA eliminate Plaque and made you veins flexible like a baby’s.

You may purchase EDTA from Amazon and a Year’s Supply costs around $20.

Only eat EDTA once a week, the Immusist and Citricare I eat daily


There are no guarantees in life and like all new things try it in moderation.

Pray that GOD shows you what YOU should do

If I had bad cataracts I would do the surgery then add EDTA, Immusist, Citri Care and Sea Weed  into my diet - 1,200 mg every Saturday

Always check with your optometrist

 The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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EDTA patented for treatment in Dogs:

Patent US8158667 - Topical treatment of cataracts in dogs - Google Patents


Cataract Eye Ball - Cloudy Haze

Image result for eyeball and a cataract

Almost 100% effective, but wy not avoid it and decrease your plaque build up at the same time, making your veins and arteries YOUNG-LIKE and flexible

What they do in surgery - they simply suck out the bad stuff -

Image result for cataract surgery


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