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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Crisis Actors $1,000/Day - Corrected


Video: Crisis Actors Needed $1,000/Day Corrected - YouTube

A few days ago we did a story showing Craig’s List Ads for crisis actors.

The all the ads led the E-9 Corporation in Virginia

All the ads were wrong and I was wrong in publishing these Advertisements

The E-9 Corporation is a company that hires 86% Veterans and 40% of them are Disabled Veterans

They are one class company - a company I wish I had know about when I could not find a job between 1992 and 1997 when I was injured in Sapper School

The E-9 Corporation hires almost all Veterans from all over the nation to do Logistics Work for all kind of employers - from Computer Work to Janitorial

My first Job in the Army was to clean toilets, my first Field Mission was to dig a Latrine, my last job in the Army was in Logistics - Counting Beans and Bullets - was to shut down a ring of Thieves run  by a General.

To slander a Corporation that was created by Veterans and Hires Veterans makes me sick, they are great people doing a great thing and are great Patriots.

If you are a veteran and wish to be employed - please call them and see if you are a fit for their company

If you are an Employer and heed an Honest Company to work with - call them to hire.

Imbedded in our minds as a Veteran is  the better we do a job the better os a person we are. Period. So thank you E-9 Corporation for being there for MY Veterans - OUR veterans.

So we tracked the Real E-9 company that has been hiring Crisis Actors off of Craig’s List - off of many, many Craig’s List Ads.

They are the E-9 Enterprises INC that is hiring Crisis Actors our of Colorado.

We called 719-203-6408

They were very nice but put me on hold for a while to get me another number and said they are doing something “Very Special” in the employment region

They gave us another Private Number (We will not Disclose) of folks that Are hiring Crisis Actors - very Hush Hush…and I recorded the conversation but will not play it for privacy reasons.

Please keep in mind that the E-9 Corporation and  E-9 Enterprises INC are highly patriotic and hire veterans for jobs.

My guess is that this Little Side Track into Crisis Actors by the E-9 Enterprises INC may come to an end after they read this article.

So the real people to call for a Crisis Actor Job are in Colorado and in London

We hope that this clears up the error we made and the error Craig’s List is making all across the nation.

Crisis Actor Hiring Number
E-9 Enterprises Inc 719-203-6408
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Also: 15863 Maple Hill Road, Monument, CO
Be nice - they are on OUR side

Crisis Actors - London
Phone Number: +44-(0) 1424 870380

To the smartest, most active audience, and of the largest audiences, in the world thank you for watching

This is YOUR video Channel an

YOU make the difference

Please pray that these companies that hire veterans get huge numbers of contracts form companies from all over the world.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

The GOOD Guys:


Incorrect Craig's List Ads:

Lorri Anderson - Google+

Craigslist Toronto Post: E-9 Corp. Seeking Crisis Actors for November 2016 Security Drills in Colorado | CLG News

Help Wanted: Actors Required for Security Drills (Crisis Actors) (USA)

E-9 Enterprises Inc, Hires allot of vets, has ONE guy who is hiring Crisis Actors - but they are a good company. If you are a veteran and need a job - call them. They are good people.

E-9 Enterprises Inc. in Monument, CO | Contractor Profile

E-9 Enterprises Inc. in Colorado Springs, CO 80920-4083

E-9 Enterprises Inc Careers and Employment |

E-9 Enterprises INC - Monument, Colorado

Crisis Actors Out Of London:

Crisis Management Roleplay Actors and Film Makers - CrisisCast CrisisCast


Please keep in mind that both the people I sppoke with at the E-9 Corporation and the E-9 Enterprises Inc do not support what you are about to see::::

Obama W/Dead Sandi Hook Girl:::Emilie Parker

Sandy Hook: The curious case of Emilie Parker | Fellowship of the Minds

Obama with Dead Sandy Hook Actor AFTER Sandy Hook Incident

Obama plays with "DEAD Emilie?????

Obama with Sandy Hook kids

Emilie Parker's Fake Family::: Note --- Children have NO legs and both children in hte middle are giving the Satanic Symbol with their fingers... a BAD Photo Shop picture

Parker family pic

Parker family hands

Amazing Photo -----

Another Incredible Photo:

Another Incredible Photo:

Crisis Actor Muslim

I watch you

The companies I deal with are extremely opposed to these Crisis Actors appearing in False Flags around the world as is any normal person. No one likes to be lied to - no one.

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