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Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Cuss And Discuss 15 July 2016


Video: Friday Cuss And Discuss 15 July 2016 - YouTube

The news seems to be going from bad to worse

Please keep in mind that we posted a video where Obama states he supports ISIS

1) A Muslim Truck Driver tried to blow up the Eifel Tower yesterday, killing over 80 people and the French Intelligence just stood there and watched it happen

2) Turkey is sending 200,000 Muslim “Refugees” to the Ukraine to invade Crimea - where Peter built his first church - The Church Upon Which Christ Will stand

3) Muslim Male “Refugees” (20 - 45) are now being sent all around Europe to rape and destroy

4) Here in America in a few hours there will be Black Lives Matter rallies across the nation - sponsored by the White House Defense Stabilization Fund

5) Businesses are closing at an alarming rate here in America as the Langley Boys (Funded through O the White House) puts the screws to all Americans

6) At the Dallas Fake Shooting 127 people were rounded up and sent to FEMA Camps - they will not return. The intended Round Up Number is 40 Times 150 = 3,000 Blacks. The CIA is trying to determine in anyone will even notice.

7) NATO and the EU - both run out of Washington DC (Follow the Money) - are not allowing information out about the attacks all across the world by these Evil Muslims ---- Rape, Murder, Destruction - typical Muslim stuff.

What can YOU do::

1) Do not go to any Rally/Riot

2) If you are black, leave tour Cell Phone OFF as frequencies will now be broadcast to turn you into a Raging Maniac. Leave it off until Sunday morning.

3) Unplug your TV as many will now be targeted to go “temporarily Insane”

4) Do not turn on Rap or Rock and Roll Stations - leave them off until Sunday Morning.

5) Stock up on Food, Water, Ammunition, Toilet Paper --- to limit your trips to the grocery store.

6) Pray that those who are involved in starting these rallies stop.

If you feel you must be armed - know your laws

Pepper spray is very effective at 12 feet - not those stupid little sprayers - but get Pepper Blaster and the $40 Bear Spray Canisters. Check with local state laws and be VERY discrete and the Cops are on HIGH ALERT and you do not want to make them angry




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Dr William B. Mount

The News You Need

The second we finished the video the computer died - the CIA does not wish you to have the information - so most references were lost.



News Blackout Descends After Eiffel Tower Attack Begins Horrific Terror Onslaught In France

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