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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Dallas Shooting - Orange Pistol, Blank Adapters?


Cops Carrying Orange Training Pistols, Blank Adapters on their rifles and pistols, Different Weather Pattern - you FBI/CIA Idiots - how can you be so stupid?

Video:Dallas Shooting - Orange Pistol, Blank Adapters? - YouTube

Last night at around 9PM there was supposedly One Sniper who took out 12 Dallas Police Officers.

First - how does one sniper kill 5 and wound 7 Police Officers with a Bolt action Sniper Rifle?

Second - since the “Shooter” had felonies - where sis he get the rifle

Third - some of those on TV look awful familiar - like the Boston Bombing people - same actors

Fourth - why are there people standing around when there is a sniper?

Fifth - how could the Suspect tell police he DID THIS ALONE - if he was blown up using a Drone carrying a bomb?

Sixth - The weather shown is a few of the photos did not match the weather report - meaning the photos were made on a  different day. Unbelievably careless CIA -

Seventh - People - just Mulling around after shots rang out from 3 different locations

This is shooting number 9. We thought it would be Amarillo or San Diego - but Dallas had an Anti Police Rally - an opportunity the CIA could not pass up and they may still be planned as well.

Again - we believe the CIA Office in New York City ran this shooting as well, just like the Orlando Shooting.

Time will tell.

Now expect all kinds of Gun Control Laws passed by Executive Order by President Obama

Pray that Congress turns to GOD

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Weather did not match, people mulling around....

Micah X. Johnson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know |

Dallas sniper attack: 5 officers killed, suspect identified -

The Orange Pistol and Blank Adapters On 2 other Pistols????

See it for yourself - a picture taken at least one hour before the shooting:::

Five police officers killed in Dallas, seven others wounded during shooting at protest - The Washington Post

CIA - an Orange Pistol - really?

The Cry will be: All Vets Have PTSD and are mentally disabled::::

Please notice the noses are different: the one on the Left is a CIA Operative and has a flat ear, the one on the right is an old photo of a Soldier and has a small protrusion on his lower ears and has thicker eye brows and his mouth is bigger.

Closes CIA - but no Cigar. You  really flubbed up on this one.

Shooter's Name: Micah Xavier Johnson.

Shooter's Middle Name: Xavier, See "Xavier's Grave."

Xavier: CIA Meaning: Fake Out, False Flag, Are you stupid Enough to believe this one folks?

Hit us with a shooting to take our eyes off of Hillary and the Arm,y dumping raw Mustard Gas into the ground in Pueblo....Nice try Fudge Boys of Langley - you fudged it up again so we will pray for you that you see the light and turn to GOD.

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  1. That is not an orange pistol. When I zoom in on it, it is just coloration on the wall there. The orange blank adapters look real though.

  2. If general dunsford is in charge how and why is this fakery still going on ??????

  3. "you FBI/CIA Idiots - how can you be so stupid?" It's obvious: people who can't understand that the video record of the Twin Towers' destruction screams "controlled demolition" will be even more stupid than the FBI/CIA idiots.


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