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Saturday, July 2, 2016

German Oil Execs Tell Eu To Get Lost - With Nord Steam 2



Video: Germany Industry Tells EU To Get Lost - Goes Ahead With Nord Stream 2 - YouTube

While we are watching a huge move to across Europe to leave the European Union and to reverse this flow of Muslim Human Scum coming onto Europe German Oil Companies are moving ahead with projects that the EU Commission does not agree with.

In fact - not only are most nations in the EU in disagreement with the EU on their orders they are also disobeying the orders of NATO to move troops to the boarder with Russia and start a war.

Back to Nord Stream 2

Several years ago the German Oil Company Executives signed an agreement to bring Natural Gas in from Russia in an Oil Pipeline that will supply Germany with 55 million Cubic Meters of Gas per year.

The project was completed using a special flexible Stainless Steel Pipeline running through the Baltic Sea and it appears it is now working well.

The Deal - Nord Stream 2 will trade German Made Goods for Liquid Natural Gas.

Please keep in mind that Secretary of State John Kerry (#1) made a slip in a speech not long ago and stated the Marshal Plan developed just after World War 2 is alive and well and the German Economy is moving ahead at Full speed thanks to YOUR Tax Donations.

Which means - you the American tax Payer are paying for this.

So while the united states of America is teeming with untouched pockets of Natural Gas (Like the one under Dalles, Oregon which is absolutely Huge) And oil is selling for $1.50 a barrel in North Dakota Germany has been set up to buy Oil and Natural Gas from Russia at your expense
The Nord Stream 2  Pipeline, made of a flexible coated Stainless Steel Pipe developed by the US in WW2, was completed in March of this year and should be in full operation within a few days

So although it appears that the EU and NATO may not go away - they may become irrelevant as individual nations regain their sovereignty.

The Main Underground City that runs the world is located under the Jungles of Brazil

Pray that those who make the decisions for what goes on -  on the Surface of Planet Earth - are changed so that they either disappear or that their decisions they make benefit us “Slaves” who live on the Planet’s Surface

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Then there are the Pyramids growing across our Solar System...

Gazprom agrees Nord Stream 2, asset swaps with EU partners, closer to YPF deal - Natural Gas | Platts News Article & Story

Gazprom’s Management Committee reviews progress of Nord Stream 2 project

Gazprom’s Management Committee reviews progress of Nord Stream 2 project

Gazprom’s Management Committee reviews progress of Nord Stream 2 project


NATO Says It Might Now Have Grounds To Attack Russia | Zero Hedge

NATO - Topic: Collective defence - Article 5

Air, land, sea, cyber: NATO adds cyber to operation areas

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1ST - kill key Russian players

2ND - Claim Russia hacked NATO Computers

3RD - Invade using Small Scale Nuclear Strikes on Russian Command Centers

Putin - Medvedev - you failed to do as GOD has directed- you are open to HE has said it - so it shall be. Any questions?

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