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Monday, July 18, 2016

Fake Baton Rouge Cop Shooting, Not Again?


Video: Baton Rouge False Flag - Another One - YouTube

So - we are being pummeled by the recent rash of Fake Stories being flashed across the Mani Stream News Media

Throw out your TV and get rid of your  News Papers and begin looking for real news

In fact - for $30 you can put up an antenna and get free TV - in this area we pick up about 12 stations but I will not have one a TV in my house.

Learn what is really happening

Join the real world.

And - did we not talk about the Coming False Flag in Louisiana a few days ago????


Joke: How do you get 12 Police Officers, 12 FBI Agents and 12 Homeland Security Agents, 12 Dolls and 12 Mannequins  all in one place at one time?

Conduct a False Flag…………

On a serious note: If you do see that many Police in one spot - get out of the area and cooperate with them fully. No Sass, no jokes. Just get away as fast as you can. Let them do what they do.

Who are you going to call in an Emergency - a Hippie???

So treat them with respect.

Let’s look at some photos:

And do not forget - the “Shooter” is a Veteran - except - the teeth and eyes do not match.


Please keep in mind you are the smartest, most engaged and one of the largest audiences in hte world and YOU ARE making  the difference.


1) The Fake Funeral???

Wall Street Journal:

Shooting, 7PM but the funeral was during Full sun - at noon - and on the Wall Street Journal printed yesterday at 5PM yesterdy showing a funeral that will happen tomorrow?????

2) Notice - the M-16 Carrier has no extra clips?????


3) And a 41 Year Old Rookie - with a 25 year old wife  Didn’t’ we see him at Sandy Hook and in Boston and Dallas as a Police Officer?????


Did we not see him as a Cop at Sandy Hook and at Boston????

He gets around???

Please pray those lying have a change of heart and stop lying.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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