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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Army Pours Raw Mustard Gas On The Ground


Video: Army Dumps Raw Mustard Gas - YouTube

First of all - The Dallas Shooting of 5 Cops is shooting #5, it was done by the CIA using an FBI provided Rifle and there were 3 shooters. By tomorrow morning the truth will come out.

Now comes the Gun Control - pray Congress and Obama fail at this.

Dallas sniper attack: 5 officers killed, suspect identified -

Thank you CIA for the Exciting, Fake News. Now onto the real news:

What you are about to learn will shock you, anger you and then make you feel very, very upset.

Give it over to GOD, learn the truth and pray these actions stop immediately.

Unbelievable how evil these US Generals really are

We got a few calls concerning the US Army Pueblo Chemical Agent - Destruction Pilot Plant in Pueblo Colorado -  and how they are eliminating tens of thousands of artillery shells filled with Mustard Gas.

Actually - 10% of them are filled with Molasses - a way to cheat the military since Molasses weighs the same as Mustard Gas

First - we must ask ourselves why Dupont is still making Mustard Gas if it illegal to manufacture and sell world wide?

Second - why have they not been arrested for manufacturing an outlawed product and why are they still shipping it over seas?

Lets talk about how to dispose of these weapons - stories we have already done…………

1...We know about the Umatilla Oregon and Pine Bluff Arkansas plants burning BZ Gas (Speed, LSD) where their burn rate is 80% - so 20% of it floats across the land depositing itself on the dirt and ending up in wells and rivers in gardens, on farmland - tens of thousands of pounds of LSD and Speed and Burned Leaded Oil Paint.

2...We know the nuclear Rods are dissolved at Hanford and then dumped onto the Yakima and Spokane Indian Reservation to pollute the ground water.

3...We know that at Angel Island there is a spot where liquid radiation was dumped for decades on the beach

4...We know that in Los Angeles Nuclear Rods melted their way down to the Oil Table and are now steaming out Radioactive Burning Crude Oil into Los Angels.

5...We also know that the Rocky Mountain Arsenal just outside of Denver Colorado buried incredible amounts of Radioactive Material allover the post

6...We also know the US Department of Energy (Part of the Department of Defense) has been injecting chemicals into well for years

7...We also did a story 7 years ago on TV concerning FEMA injecting Phosgene Gas into Thunder horse - the Oil Wells Under the Southern Mississippi River

What we are now learning is that:

Here in Pueblo Colorado they do it a little different

They began building Incinerators but soon learned that if 20% of the Mustard Gas blows into Pueblo people will just drop over dead - hard to cover that up

So here at this plant that used to be called the US Army Pueblo Arms Depot  they do three things:

1) Some is processed creating even more toxic chemicals and then dumped into the ground water

2) Some is just dumped into holding tanks with no bottoms which allows it to the seep into the ground water

3) Some is sent to the Cancer Labs across the nation and used on you to treat your cancer - so rather that teaching you to et Sea Weed/Immusist to get rid of the cancer 100% of the time they now inject you  with frikin Mustard Gas with a choking agent in it so when you put on your gas mask you puke and drown

A French Farmer tree cutter cut down a tree in 1970 in the Ardennes Forest and sat on the stump to rest. Several hours later his but blistered - a reaction to the Mustard Gas sprayed on the Ardennes Forest 52 years ago - Mustard Gas does not degrade or break down folks. Once in the ground water it stays there.

The level if Evil of these Generals and Lucifer never ceases to amaze me

Mustard Gas for cancer - can’t get much more evil than this.

Unbelievably evil

Folks - please pray that those ordering these evils are turned back to GOD immediately

This is why we have the links below - so you can get rid of cancer, filter your water, order GMO free foods and clean your blood

This one really stuns me - really….

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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Be ready folks -

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