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Monday, July 4, 2016

Never Surrender You Rights - Never


Video: Never Surrender Your Rights - YouTube

Before you sit down for a Barbie or drink another beer consider the rights you have so openly given up

If you have decided to trade you nice life with a job, a wife and a car for your freedoms then YOU have traded Security for Freedom

Stand up like Men and Women and learn about your rights and hten fight for them.

Watch the video and fight.

WILLIAM MONT is a corporation

William Mount is a citizen of the united states of America

Just as the Starbucks Corporation cannot legally be a citizen of the Boeing Corporation

WILLIAM MOUNT Corporation cannot be a citizen of the UNITED STATES Corporation

That flag Obama stands next to ---

The Gold Fringe is the “Flag Of No Nation” President Eisenhower, 1956

The two dangly bobs hanging form the flag are called FOBS and they signify that those in power in htat room are under English Maritime Law

William Mount neither Understands nor Stands Under English Maritime Law- but I comprehend Every thing.

When asked by a Police Office if you Understand say “NO - But I Comprehend everything and will cooperate with you in every way”

Never, Never, Never sign WILLIAM MOUNT paper work - if you can avoid it. OK - for a driver’s license or car - yes - but NEVER sign it in a court or you are their SLAVES.

See what you have given up in the video

Image result for BILL OF RIGHTS

The Bill Of Rights: They are yours as an American Citizen, Not a US Citizen:

Notice the two ropes hanging down from the flag- the White House is under English Maritime Law:

Image result for obama

Image result for obama and the flag

The Gold Fringes means the Flag Of No Nation, President Eisenhower, 1956:

Image result for obama and the flag

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