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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Black Riots Break Out Across America


Video: Riots Erupt Across The Nation - YouTube

CIA sponsored Black Riots erupt across the nation

Sponsors of these riots include the CIA Office out of New York City, Billionaires like illegal hedge fund owner Tom Steyer, Taco Bell Owner Bob McKay, and George Soros, and our illustrious Democrats in the White House.

Please note the pictures below.

The amount they have raised for these riots this summer is in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

The intent is to create Black Riots across the nation beginning in July, just like we said it would happen when we discussed this in January.

This last week the Financial Leaders have learned that those they have trusted plan to kill them - but they do not know what to do so they are following the script we gave in January of this year.

By August the Financial System will begin to crack as the riots increase.

Food stamps are scheduled to be terminated by September, causing Huge Riots by the Minorities across the nation - they have been carefully manipulated and set up for these riots through:

1.….TV Broadcasts on Black Entertainment Channels
2.…. Frequencies through Cell Towers in Minority Neighborhoods
3.…. Creation of families dependant of welfare and food stamps

4.…. Special frequencies broadcast through phones belonging to minorities that make them super angry - like 444Ghz.  Why do you think you have to check your race on the application to buy a cell phone?

The FEMA camps are now in full operation and ready to round up these rioters and looters

By 14 September the CIA plans another assassination attempt on one of the President Obama’s and then full scale rioting, Martial Law as the Dollar sinks into oblivion

This idea of a Fan reaching for a COPs Pistol and shooting the speaker by “Chipped Individuals“ - like the attempt on Trump 18 June - was brilliant and will now be used across the nation

They shoot the speaker, then them selves and they all have Computer Chips in their brains. A clear CIA (NSA) Operation.

This is all planned by the White House and the CIA

The Obama shooter for 17 August is planned to be White, the one for 14 September is planned to be Black - and this might change though

Remember Der Fuhrer Adolf Hitler - World War 2 - the greatest Fascist in History - first he rounded up the blacks, then the Jews, and then those who opposed him

Here we go again - those who forget history are doomed to repeat it

The leaders of this New World Order are - FASCISTS
So when you riot you play into THEIR hands.
Pray your family is ready for about 1 year of food disruption and DO NOT attend the riots
We buy food from the link below so we are ready and have our food delivered to our front door.

 We do not have to go out to buy food.

You are the most intelligent, most prepared audience in the world and your prayers ARE making a HUGE difference.

May GOD bless each and every one of you.

Winston Churchill’s Last Speech at Princeton University he said:

never give up

Never Give Up

The news you need

Dr William B. Mount

Greg Hunter - we listened to you last night - great show, keep up the good work

The man with the Green Band around his wrist - recognize him - CIA Agitator???

The man with the Megaphone -  Ex Special Forces - paid agitator....

These people are being played like a Fiddle......So what is the white Almost Full Moon doing there ..... the Full Moon is not for at least 10 days --- upper left hand corner of picture ....????... was this [picture taken a long time ago to get people all slathered up about these riots????

YOU are bong set up folks.....

Note the Tatoos, Paid Agitators with the Jesuit Symbol (Star) in the upper left

These are street lights ..... not Full Moons way the heck up there... this is all carefully staged and coreographed........not the White Guy on the left directing people.....and the Black Guy all dressed in back telling people what to do....

It's all set up....many of these people are bing paid to be there in cash

I watched the same think happen in Kiev, only my little sisters Boy Friend (Alexander) would pass out a stack of hundreds to bring people to the "Riots."

One morning he showed me a stack of hundreds about 4 inches high - he had just gotten his daily  stack of money form the "Blue Party" - Yanaskovich's Party...

Tha man holding hte Camera up to his face is signalling the camera man to begin to move the crowd forward......not hte camera on hte left above the man with the Yellow Shirt:::

The you go here Forever...just like the Blacks and Jews in Germany in World War 2

Or here:

Or Here

And then Here:

Food, Tea to clean out your body:

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The links are in the video to save $$$$ - Be Ready....

Thousands Protest Police Violence Across US Cities; Tear Gas Used In Phoenix "Black Lives Matter" Rally | Zero Hedge

US Hate Group “Black Lives Matter” And Its Billionaire Funders Put On Russia Terror List

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