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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hillary Legally Ineligible To Be President - We're Praying For Her


Video: Hillary Legally Ineligible To Be President - YouTube

First - the ads on You Tube

We are being hit very hard with advertisements by Google and You Tube to try and keep you from seeing the truth

The channel makes some revenue from the initial 15 second ad and it is set so you can get out of the ad after 5 seconds - the rest is being done to harass you.

Please pray they stop.

Now back to Hillary.

Hillary Clinton and HILLARY CLINTON  are corporate names and as such her corporations was married to WILLIAM JEFFERSON CLINTON Corporation  - a corporate merger of sorts.

They both admit to “Understanding” and “Standing Under” English Maritime Law

Under Corporate Law and the 1871 Organic Constitution an amendment was passed that allows only 8 years as President

Notice the English FOBS she stand in fornt of - English Maritime Law under the Organic Constitution…

When Billary and Hillary took office under Corporate Law to run the United States Corporation they were considered ONE corporation under the law - so Hillary was legally President one with  Billary

Now - even if Hillary divorces Billary she was still CO-Fuhrer (I Mean President) for 8 years - and thus ineligible to be US Corporate President under the 1871 Constitutional Amendment passed over 50 years ago.

Sorry Hillary…the 22nd Amendment of the Constitution clearly states that - as passed on February 27th, 1957 - an amendment to the 1871 Organic Constitution -

“No Person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice”

Person being defined as a Corporation, a Joint Man And Wife Corporation.

Of course - if VP Biden can swear in a Canadian Citizen as a Texas Senator - Ted Cruz - then anything is possible --- but yhat is legal “Under the Organic Constitution and English Maritime Law - but being President a for a Third Term - not legal

Sorry Hillary - you are not eligible

Hillary - your murders makes President  Richard Nixon look like a Shining Angel

Pray for Hillary that she turns back to GOD

Secondly …the United Nations demands Gun Confiscation….right on Q - Per our January Intel Briefing….

Finally - an Obama Survivor - I mean  Hitler Survivor - Says Buy Guns, and Lots Of Them
For You Intel Geeks:

Shooter Drills now in San Diego and Caddo Parish Louisiana tomorrow near Shreveport

And - over the weekend - unknown but over 2,054 so far this year - 99% Black On Black, up over 30% from last year.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Billary and the Fob and the FOB you said what is IS, and taught us all all lesson Billary:

Hillary And The Fob:

Sorry Hillary - Its A Legal Thing Under Corporate Law, Organic Constitution, English Maritime Law, etc. You are a lawyer - you understand... so we are praying for you.

Right After Dallas Shooting, UN Weighs In with DESPICABLE Announcement

She survived Hitler and wants to warn America - On the Front Lines of the Culture Wars

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