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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Most Exciting Day In History


The news is getting more and more exciting every day as the fight against the Nazhional Zozhallests (NAZI) across the globe intensifies.

This is an Exciting Time to be a reporter as we see the forces of Tyranny rolled back across the globe.

President Trump - the Rock Of DC - stands firm in his campaign promises as he moves forward against those Elites that would destroy planet Earth.

This war between the Knights Templar (Trump) and the Vatican (Roma Pope, NAZI Democrats) over GOD vs. Lucifer has been going on since long before our grandfathers were born. It is now coming to a head ands the leader of this nation with over 65,000 Nuclear Weapons and a Space Fleet say no to their desire to crack this planet in half.

In fact, it was the Slave Loving Democrats that started the American Civil War by firing on Fort Sumner over 150 years ago and they were fully supported by the Pope in Rome.
Today we see:

1) The US Senate Suspend the Rules and appointed 2 of President Trumps Cabinet Positions after the Democratic Socialist’ Party  boycott the hearings. This is well within the rules allowed by the Organic Constitution of 1871 which formalized the United States Corporation.
2) President Trump suspended CNN from the White House - they Black Balled them until they finish buying the network and firing everyone and rebuilding it as a network that tells the truth

3) Dakota Pipeline now set for completion despite protesters and “Holy Men” paid for by these European Elite Satanic NAZIs.
4) A Budweiser Super Bowl Ad encourages violating Federal Law and hiring Illegal Aliens over Americans and their stock plummets. They may find a few EPA and Immigration Violations in their Beer manufacturing as well - along with some violations of anti-monopoly laws.
5) California and Connecticut’s Illegally Elected Governors are now pushing to allow their states  succession from the United States Corporation. This means that the Governors will have to be suspended, votes counted honestly across the states, and the Real Winners - Mostly Republicans - put in their rightful place. This would take about 50 US Marshals.
6) An Executive Order not open to public review has directed Social Security to continue Social Security Payments to those who paid into it and are either retired or were physically disabled as a result of a job related injury.
This would terminate all Refugee Pay, Building Projects for Refugees, and Mental Disabilities - 80% of all Direct Payments - from Social Security.

Here are some examples:

…a) We know an Attorney who’s parents live in India and he collects $4,500 per month per parent in Social Security Refugee Pay. They fly here for one month every year  and stay with him to prove they live in America and they get free Dental and Medical while they are here.

…b) We have an Adopted Sister who does the same thing for her parents in the Ukraine. After they die she can continue to collect this money because the Ukraine Death Certificates are not sent to America.

…c) We know a Married Couple in Tacoma who both get the Social Security Refugee Pay - set up through the Churches - Primarily Korean and Russia - who collect the $4,500 a piece Refugee Pay plus full Welfare for their 4 children. Total monthly payments - including medical - over $20,000 per month and they are now learning English.

…d) I met a person 20 years ago who collected $1,500 per month Social Security and lived in a very nice apartment free of charge and all he had to do was tell Social Security he was addicted to Cocaine.

…e) We had a friend in Seattle while I was doing TV there. He came by once a month and showed us his Social Security Refugee Pay Check., He came to Seattle when he was 2 year a old and as soon as he turned 18 has began collecting Refugee Pay. He used to come by the TV Station and show us his check and brag about it.
7) Finally - a Leaked Executive Order cracks down on Illegal Aliens getting Welfare and actually does 3 things:

…a) Terminates Welfare for Illegal Aliens - it’s illegal, not lawful, and those dishing it out are violating Federal Law and committing Felonies and if they continue will be arrested.

…b) Orders the arrest of those who violate Federal Law and knowingly hire illegal aliens.

…c) Deports Illegal Aliens, just like every other nation in the world does.

This will be an exciting year for all of us.
For You Intel Geeks:

1) The “NO GO” Muslim Training Camps in America must be closed and their participants arrested and sent back to the country of their origin. - Period.

2) The Bombs coming into the White House, Kremlin and Pakistani Presidential Palace are being ordered from the OLD BUILDING - Bush House - in London. Any more need be said???

3) The Underground Base off of San Diego US Naval Intel Base was blown 24 January - the leaders of the US Naval Intelligence are in turmoil. We warned them - they chose to die.

4) Naval Admirals across the nation are - very upset - about installing an 80 year old Electronic Chain Gun on their Top Secret Littoral Ships in Norfolk.

5) Polish President angry about the US Exposing his Girl friend and using Poland as a Staging Ground to attack Russia. It will not go well for the US there from now on so GOD has said it, so it shall be.

6) There is a curse from the Living GOD, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, against the Left Wing Reporters  and their staff a the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and Washington Times, London Times, Time and Newsweek Magazines, and CNN, ABC, NBC And CBS News across the world for constantly lying and supporting these Elite NAZIs. So HE has said it - so it shall be.

7) There will be some huge changes in the sun in about 1 year if there is not some major intervention. The more evil the planet gets the worse the sun will get, so HE has said it, so it shall be.

We are asking you to pray that these Satanic Elite Evil Plots all fall flat and that your families are ready for what is coming with food, water, TP, Ammo, heat and communications.

Buy stuff you need now. Thanks to the NAZI Elites across the globe prices begin to go up at a rapid rate beginning - today.

And - the Re-mineralization Products from Uncle Harry’s are working very well. My wife had no cavities yesterday at the Dentist after a full year. Their number is 866-781-0815

Thanks to Immusist the recovery time for Little Gracy’s Hysterectomy was literally about 10 minutes. She got sliced at about noon and when she got home at 4PM she was up and playing with her 2 little brothers immediately.

Immusist can be purchased at: 800-622-8446 or 888-702-3315

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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