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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Humanity On The Verge Of Extinction


Human Race On The Verge Of Extinction - YouTube

As a Race of people our planet is on the verge of huge changes that could lead to either the extinction of the Human Race or the coming together of Humanity to Embrace the changes we are seeing.

Those ELITES in the New World Order need to be swept away like bad rubbish.

Those involved in PIZZA Gate need to be locked up or terminated without delay.

Muslims need to be sent back to the Middle East where they can build water pipelines to water their deserts and then thrive on these New Farm Lands. Since their leaders are too corrupt to do this then others need to take their place.

Illegal Aliens need immediately have their Welfare Terminated and then  be sent home immediately and those who have committed crimes need to be sent to Labor Camps either here of in their country of Origin.

The Pipeline from North Dakota needs to be completed immediately as US/Russian Crude needs to be sold and cut off the Middle East form selling oil.

No Oil Money = No Wars In The Middle East

The Weather Modification Programs need to be turned over to someone with good intentions as what is happening now with the weather, the economy and the social order is under massive change.

Those who oppose these goals need to be removed, or changed - immediately.

US Space Command - you had darn well assist in this matter as your planet is in jeopardy. If your leaders do not understand the immediate necessity of intervention then replace them immediately with those that do or you will be held accountable to the Living GOD and cursed for all eternity.

Already you have been contained. What do you think comes next - a party???

As for what is happening this very day:

1) Weather - It is going nuts as the Magnetic Protection around the Earth is breaking down causing Huge Crop Failures:

…..a) Heat Records are being broken in the Southern Hemisphere, As you read this it is around 115 Degrees in Southern Australia setting all time heat records - but this has been covered up.

…..b) It is the coldest it has been in recorded history in Yellow Knife Canada

…..c) The Gulf Stream of Warm Air is no longer reaching Europe

…..d) In New Jersey a few days ago it was 60 Degrees and several hours later it snowed 6 inches.
2) Crust Shifting:

Not being reported to anyone is that he Earth’s Crust is shifting causing huge waves in the Ocean - making fishing almost impossible.  The number of Earthquakes as can be evidenced by this 62 foot wave in the north Atlantic:, obviously not created by high winds alone:

Video: 100 Foot Wave Hits Ship

40 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right Now As Crust Of The Earth Becomes Increasingly Unstable

We have a friend who has lived on Vashon Island for 65 years on the water. The Ocean is now 2 feet higher than it was when he was a child.

This can be evidenced as the nation of Palau begins get covered up with the rising oceans.
3) The Economic Collapse:

Forty Five Years of absolute Insanity using Fiat Money world wide as economic across the globe are verging on collapse  - and no one listening to GOD on how to solve this issue.

Even the Vatican Church’s Primary Bank (Deutsche Bank) is being raided over and over again. This will continue until they do as GOD has asked them to do and they are not smart enough to do this.

4) These Elites, as we speak, are planning to destabilize America by conducting the Following Operations:

…..a) These Elites sent a Message to then Candidate Donald Trump by causing his Personal Jet to have engine troubles and he had to return to the Airport from which he came.

…..b) Some of the people in NATO have been instructed to send out a Shooter to hit the now Pres Trump 6 March.

…..c) These same NATO Idiots under Chartres/Lemans section of France are, as you read this, garnishing briefcases filled with US Cash and attempting to scour the areas of Bellarus and Ukraine to find Old Nuclear Weapons from the former Soviet Union. They will then rebuild them and attempt to destroy 6 Major European Capitols and 12 US Cities on, or around, 17 April to kick off a Nuclear Conflagration.

…..d) These same Elites in the NWO have given the orders to openly assassinate President Putin #2 - so - Putin - keep your head down for the next 32 days and deal with these American/European NGOs in Russia without delay.

That is all the information I can get from where I am currently living.

…..5) As a side note: As we see huge crop failures world wide --- thus indicating that cigar prices are about to go up, drattt.

Do not expect any help from your Alien Buddies. According to Scott Lenriel’s Book: The Emerald Doorway when Atlantis and Lemuria sunk during the last Polar Shift these Aliens just watched and had a Picnic so until you see massive alien intervention - forget them. We are on our own.

It is a very revealing book and one all should read this - THE EMERALD DOORWAY.

Too bad Hollywood doesn’t make a movie about it.

What can we do as the LITTLE PEOPLE

1st - Realize the ability to grow food in caves is - failing. We have the technology to fix it with copper wire - but to He’ll with the Elites. We starve - they starve.

2nd - Realize that if these NATO Elites start the war Planet Earth will cease to exist and the Fallen Angels will be held accountable on that very day.

3rd - Realize many of the Elite bases are gone and - and many more will be destroyed until they learn to cooperate with Humanity.

4th - If you are to save - save in something solid like: Food, Gold and Silver. We are about to introduce a seller of Gold and Silver on our channel so hang on.

5th - Please pray that those in charge begin to bring Marginal Land into production using the formula given in the video: THE CURE FOR TREE DISEASES

6th - Most importantly - pray. Pray that these Satanic Elite NAZIs in this New World Order either repent and change or are arrested immediately and placed in custody for the rest of their lives.

Either we come together as a Human Race or we face utter and complete extinction. Those who oppose Freedom and Liberty to allow us all to prepare for what is coming. Those who oppose this must be either changed or contained and the truth about Planet Earth and what is going on with the Sun must be exposed.

There is no time left.

Learn to cook with food that lasts 25 years in a way that you saves money and do not get sick.

I spoke with a family that smokes last night and they stopped eating Sea Weed and they both now have cancer. Both still smoke.

Two packs of Winston Cigarettes a day for a month costs around $400-$450.

That is enough money to buy enough  Immusist, Citricare and Sea Weed to cure their cancer for a year

It’s about choices

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

References: - Interactive 3D globe brings weather to life

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SOHO LASCO C2 Latest Image

100 Foot Wave Hits Ship - YouTube

Deutsche Bank - You were warned in a Fax 25 november 2017.

Deutsche Bank's Office In Israel Raided, Managing Director Arrested Over Tax Violations | Zero Hedge

40 Volcanoes Are Erupting Right Now As The Crust Of The Earth Becomes Increasingly Unstable

islands of Palau going under water - Google Search

As the Oceans rise ht5e Nation of Palau goes away:

Bushes under water???

Oceans Rising:

If we sink=k into an Ice Age them the Oceans would sink as the Glaciers grow, right???

Yellow Stones Boiling River running at 140 Degrees:

Yellowstone Park's Boiling River running warmer, at nearly 140 degrees | Montana & Regional |


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