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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Deadly Flu Sweeps Asia - 40% Human Death Rate


Deadly Flu Sweeping Asia - 40% Human Death Rate - YouTube

We have discussed this before but new evidence must be brought forward to protect your families.

This New H7N9 Bird Flu has spread to over 40 countries, like China, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau - anywhere in Asia the Mareks Vaccination was given in Asia. Somebody is going to an awful lot of effort to kill Humans.


The three viruses that seem to be appearing out of nowhere are the:

1) H7N9 that does not make birds sick but kills 40% of all Humans Infected. Out of 1,040 identified with the disease 368 dies - a 38.5% death rate in those who have been identified and given hospital treatments.

Actual Death Rates should be around 75% since most do not have Hospital Care.

2) H3N2 and the H5N9 - which seems to make chickens sick nad is easily identifiable by Chicken Farmers - but most sick chickens are butchered and sold in Asia, making the problem even more difficult.

The area being hit hardest is Southern China where about 1/3rd of the chickens being sold on the market are infected with the H7N9 Virus.

Death Rates in Southern China from this Deadly Flu were 5 last January and over 100 this January - so it is now spreading into Humans.

Across the planet - only Commercial Flocks seem to have been infected.

Interesting Indeed???

So who patented this New H7N9 Disease?

Patent Number W02015112994A1 for this new strain was approved 22 May 2014 and was filed by Genentech Inc out of San Francisco.

Genentech is owned by Roche - which make Vaccines.

Roche is owned by Novartis Inc out of Basil Switzerland - and they make drugs and vaccinations.

Novartis Motto: Medical Researchers Using New Tools To Turn Science Fiction Into Science Fact.

So how does this tie into the National Weather Service announcing that the Oroville Dam Would Collapse and the recent Reno Dam Collapse?

In Oroville - a Spillway was damaged and the National Weather Service warned that the Oroville Dam would collapse - so they set up an Evacuation Center and gave 30 people the New Noroviris the same day a Noroviruas Vaccination was released.

The same thing was tried at Reno - the National Weather Service announced a Dam was about to collapse, Red Cross came in to set up an Evacuation Center, and the county said: Get Lost the Dam is going down in level.

The National Weather Service then cancelled their warning despite more rains.
So who gave these insane orders and was behind these Bizarre Evacuation Orders?

The Head of the National Weather Service - Dr Louis W. Uccellini. Whether he gave the orders or not he is the Chairman and ultimately responsible for their actions.

The National Weather Service is owned by NOAA and they are owned by the US Department of Commerce and they have a Cabinet Position under the President.

So since this H7N9 was released about 18 months ago it had to have been ordered by the last President and his handlers who’s name we are not allowed to say.

((((Let us just say his name sounds like ovomit.))))

Dr Uccelli has a rather Unique Background. He graduated with a PhD in 1977 and instantly became director of the Goddard Flight Space Laboratory in 1978 - a Medical Research Laboratory - and he received 5 major awards for Medical Research, and today this Medical Researcher is in charge of the National Weather Service

Kind of an odd career change for someone who conducted Medical Research???

Never underestimate the evils of the Nazhional (Democratic) Sozhaleests (NAZIs)  - they are alive and well and still very powerful.

So What Can I Do If I Get Infected?

Same as Cancer or HIV or Arthritis or Alzheimers, etc:

1) No GMO Foods

2) 50 Drops of Citricare Per Day for 3 days and see how your flu is.

3) Immusist - I am 210 pounds and eat 21 drops of Immusist per day

4) Sea Weed - 1 Table Spoon per day minimum

5) Get The Tea’s Life Change Tea

Anything else and you may end up dead - this is not a joke.

My wife gets Pneumonia ever October and the Flu once or twice a year. When she gets sick we give her Citricare and a little Immusist.

We are in the early stages of this Outbreak so hang on - the New World Order Elites are throwing every thing they have at us.

Please pray that people across the planet awaken and start resisting these few Satanic Globalizes at the top.

This council of 45 +1 that runs the world is desperate and in total disarray.

Please - pray that your families are ready for what is coming. You are making the difference - a million prayers a day.



On cold nights crank your thermostat down to 64 degrees and cover up. We save about $2,000 a year doing this.

Also - as for the anti-aging - I just tried Get The Tea’s Allicin Advanced and Niacin Advanced - wowzers for energy.

It can be accessed through our videos.

The News You Need

Dr William B Mount

Flu with 38.5% HUMAN FATALITY RATE Spreading Fast

Patent WO2015112994A1 - H7n9 influenza a therapies with anti-h7 virus antibodies - Google Patents

Roche - Doing now what patients need next


Medical researchers using new tools to turn science fiction into science fact

Novartis - Wikipedia

Board of Directors | Novartis

Nevada Weather Service Warns Of Dam Failure Threat | Zero Hedge

Lyon County Emergency Management: Imminent failure of the South Dayton Retention Pond | Carson City Nevada News - Carson Now

Biography - Louis Uccellini, Director, NWS

Goddard Laboratories | University of Pennsylvania Facilities and Real Estate Services

who owns the US Departemnt of COmmerce - Google Search


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