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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Trump Assassination Attempt By CIA Fails


Many of you call to ask for verification of what I do and since this is YOUR channel we will discuss this

Video: CIA Assassination Attempt On Trump Fails - YouTube

YOU come up with my news stories

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So now we discuss what YOU want

What we are about to do is to show you is how Title 41 RAW INTELLIGENCE works:

I get information from various sources and try to pass it on in stories. I am a Retired Captain and do not work for anyone, I report only to GOD

We focus on stories about who is trying to kill whom, what bomb is being sent where, where Munitions are being sent. and how to stop these shipments

People like the Secrets Service and Russian SVR (KGB) listen.

These horrible things are stopped through this release of information.

It all began about 10 years ago the two senior 1st Special Forces came to me to tell me they were being deployed to kill President Bush on 4 April 2007 and Nuke Salt Lake City two days later. They came to me because they thought I could stop it. Me - a disabled vet and retired no body - but they were watching me try and stop the VA from selling Active Duty military records around the world in Federal Court

A year later I had a list of titles that was very impressive but the FBI had stripped me of every thing I owned - a price we must pay to preserve Freedom.

What amazed me at the time is that NO Federal Agency Cared about Treason - Not the FBI Corporation, Not the CIA Corporation, not the other 78 US Intelligence Corporations - not even the Secret Service Corporation - no one.

The rest is history - we have stopped over 150 assassination attempts on Presidents around the world and over 100 Nuclear False Flags through Prior Notification through TV, Internet, and You Tube stories like this one.

I do not work for any one, I have no contacts, and for the most part, I feel the “Federal Agencies” (Foreign Corporations) are inept and filled with very bad people. They know how I feel but this is my country and we all have a responsibility to preserve her the best way we can despite these inept Agencies.

I actually have contempt for most of these Foreign Owned Corporations like the BLM, CIA, FBI, or any other ABC Corporations.

On the other hand we have reached a point where now they must care or be caught up in a Huge Nuclear War and even if they survive those living in Caves under the Earth will reject them harshly. They are being forced to care to they, and their families, will die.

So today Sorcha (Joint CIA/KGB outfit) came out with a story showing how the man who killed the British Member of Parliament (MP) Joe Cox (Thomas Mair) on te 16th and the man who attempted to kill Donald Trump (Michael Sanford) on the 18th in Las Vagas both have ties to the CIA and British Intelligence.

Thomas Mair has already claimed in court to be White Male Survivalist who have rights, and Michael Sanford will do the same and they will both be sent to a “Mental Hospital” and then sent out overseas by the CIA to be reused to kill within a year.
Just like we said would happen about 45 days ago. GOD is never wrong.

We talked about the New York Office of the CIA (Fusion Center) organizing and funding the Orlando “Fake Shootings” (2 Shootings) about 6 weeks ago and now it comes out that this was correct - they also funded the murder of British Parliament Members and the attempt on Donald Trump.

How do they get paid?

Digital Money created on a computer.
The DRUG money they collect is used to pay off people to topple governments that “Disagree” with their point of view - like in Venezuela and Brazil. We warned them - but they failed to listen. Shame on them.

That’s how it works.

So - now that the other nations “Intel Agencies” know who is doing this they can go to work dealing with them in an ever so harsh way.

I wish you all the best - thank you for watching and subscribing as profits go to helping people reduce the costs of products that Cure Cancer, Alzheimers, Lymes Disease, etc.

Please pray that Hillary’s Handlers  - the focal point for these murders -  are themselves changed to follow the Living GOD and that Hillary and Billary see the light.

As a former President - If Billary comes we will help heal his Parkinson’s Disease - his brain is dissolving and his Brain Implants are not working well. This can be reversed so easily…

Thank you for watching.

Dr William B. Mount

For You Intel Geeks:

For those of you in these agencies who are trying to stop this insanity - good, keep on keeping on. Your directors are cowards and, for the most part, Weird Cross Dressers. There will be change now starting at the top

Notice the Pyramids of Ceres, the Huge one under the Himalayas, and the other 2 that just appeared on Planet Earth?

Nothing you have can touch them - nothing.

There will be changes for the better. Hang on.

By the way - War Plans to invade Russia in 12 days have just been “Terminated” by someone very, very powerful

A reminder for the Rothchilds - they know where you are hiding and can destroy you at any moment - they know about the 128 US Underground Bases, and every cave you have chosen to hide in.

They are coming to change you - to release you from Demons placed on you - so hang on.

We are all praying that you are changed to follow GOD without the interference of these Tryants who have enslaved you so you will be able to make the decisions YOU know YOU should make

You will be changed - for the better - and freed from the Tyrants Control
Folks - Be Ready For Some Turmoil - so get what YOU need NOW.


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  1. While it sounds like a fascinating story line, Sorcha Faal is a confirmed disinformation source. Her/His(?)m.o. is always the same...such as, consider two confirmed British would-be assassins, add a ton of completely unverifiable "testimony" which could only be verified from secret sources, throw in a few verifiable references, like the CIA mind control article, and Internet magic becomes almost real. Check for matter how you search the two Brits, neither of them is mentioned anywhere else on the Internet.