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Monday, June 6, 2016

The Emperors Have No Clothes

In this video we will see that the Cabal - those Lucifarians at the top - are being exposed for who they are.

The Video: The Emperors Have No Clothes - YouTube

As they are exposed we can pray (Visualize) the break down of their Empire.

They are becoming so desperate they are trying to crash the economy or start a full scale Nuclear War - and so far they have not been successful.

Time will tell - maybe GOD will allow his children to prosper while the entire economy collapses around them.

Please pray - visualize - that the three beings that control the World's Economies are either destroyed or that they turn back to the living GOD

The News You Need:

Dr William B. Mount

Yes - I did Miss-Spell the word Emperor, it's a trade mark.

I get so excited to do these videos and stop the destruction of this planet I often times overlook things like spelling.

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