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Thursday, June 23, 2016

BREXIT - Follow The Money - Will England Be Free Again?


Video: BREXIT - Follow The Money - YouTube

BREXIT refers to the British Exit from the European Union

The vote is being held today

In exit polls, not allowed to be published, the results are 65% to leave, 35% to stay in the EU

In a poll on the 12th and 13th of June the results were 67% in favor of leaving, 23% in favor of staying in the European Union, and 10% undecided

So - why are all the other MAJOR News Agencies reporting a 44/44 or 45/46 or other similar results?


There News Agencies are all owned by one major conglomerate that produce lots of propaganda.

The European Union is a Corporation owned by the Rothchilds

The United States Corporation is owned primarily by the Rothchilds and under Redevelopment by the International Monetary Fund - United States Code 2, Sec 286

The British Government is a Corporation Owned by the United Nations, which is owned primarily by the Rothchilds

NATO is an agreement that allows the United States the Exclusive Right to sell weapons to those in Europe without and competition and without tariffs. Colonel terry Swan wrote the original treaties back in the 1950s and we have shown them on TV already.

NATO, under Article 10 and 11 of the Original Treaty, is controlled by the United States of America

The European Union, an unelected body, regulates these sales and any changes in the Union will allow states that leave the European Union to buy weapons from Russia, China, etc.

If Britain, and thus the United Kingdom, leaves the European Union they are free to buy weapons from and nation they wish to buy them from - including China and Russia and India - thus saving the British People $Trillions of Dollars in costs.

It’s All About Money - and Money Is Control

The Brexit Vote is already set at 51/49 to stay in the European Union - they are using Rigged Computers to collect the votes.

Didn’t President Eisenhower warn us about the US Military Industrial Complex?

Pray that those in charge are changed and see the light, returning to the Living GOD immediately

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Real poll showing 67/23 to leave the EU 12 days ago

Brexit polls point towards exit while Chinese debt causes increase in Bitcoin investment | Sharp Trader

Warning about the Military Industrial Complex

Eisenhower Farewell Address (Full) - YouTube

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