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Friday, June 10, 2016

Bacon Sushi - A Real Man's Meal

Bacon Sushi - Jane, why didn't you stop him?

Learn to camp in style...

Video: Bacon Sushi - Jane, Why Didn't You Stop Him? - YouTube\

On this channel we try and teach how to really live on Freeze Dried Foods, and live well.

Comments from customers include Weight Loss, Lower Blood Pressure, Cut in Cost Of Foods and the taste is great

We try and address issues for being ready such as:

1) Food Freeze Dried Only - Tasty and Nutritious

2) Water - Including Differeint Water Filters

3) Toilet Paper - 100% Essential - With Women - 10 rolls per month, men - 4 rolls per month

4) Ammunition - Take a gun course and learn the laws and what you need

5) Heat  - wood stove, gas stove, solar, etc

6) Communications - Macho Men Die, Neighborhoods Survive

The News teaches you how to pray

The time has come to prepare for what is coming.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Taking a bunch to a conference today.....could be fun...

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