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Friday, June 17, 2016

Another Shocking Intel Dump


Video: Shocking Intel Dump - YouTube

It Appears that the FASCISTS that now hold power over the world through the United States Corporation are now in a form of Desperation

They will do anything to maintain their power base.

President Obama’s Handlers have until the Election in November to destroy America or loose complete control - less than 150 days away.

So here is what is happening as of Today:

1) Hillary and Billary are now being investigated for such things as Fraud, Drug Dealing, Murder  and the missing $100 Billion Dollars no one seems to know where it went out of the Clinton Foundation by both the FBI but by Private parties who are tired of  all of this. As exposed by John B Wells Wednesday Evening

2) What this means is that if you are one of the 631 Super Delegates of the Democratic Socialist Party and you vote for Hillary after this story comes out you will be guilty of Treason. If any money can be traced to you from the Clintons  you are guilty of Tax Fraud as well treason.

3) In addition - it was just announced that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is funding 20% of Hillary’s Campaign - which is illegal for Hillary to receive --- yet she is still a candidate?

4) Another 100 tons of weapons is being flown and then trucked into Syria for what is left of the US Backed ISIS through several back doors - some through Turkey and a whole lot through the road  into m Tallulah (Iraq) in through Al-Quim.

5)  The United States Corporate State Department under John Kerry #2 has again shipped another  150 Nukes to North Korea- they came through a specially designed port near what I believe is Kimchaek and are currently being transported to their Nuclear facility to be activated. Thanks to Obama’s Handlers North Korea now had 157 “Working” Nukes.

6) Keep Trump Hidden on the 14th of August as Hillary has again put out another hit on him at some speech he is to give.

7) China, and the rest of the world, are now dumping US Treasuries and Stocks - but the US Stock Market is 65% AI Controlled so do not expect it to fall - expect it to become --- irrelevant
Again -

With the recent passage of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2016  the President has been given full authority to start wars without the consent of Congress - both INSIDE and outside the United States Corporate Controlled Areas

The goal here is to create enormous amounts of destruction so he remains in power. Watch for:

1)  Paid US Rioters at more “Trump Rallys” The problem here is Hillary’s Foundation has been frozen so this will have to be paid out of funds controlled by the White House - US Treasury Exchange Stabilization Fund.

2) Another 50,000 Paid Violent Muslim Criminals (From Prison)  swarming in to the US on UPS Planes

3) More cuts in the EBT Card and Social Security - he will attack the most vulnerable: Old, Physically Disabled and Handicapped living on their own

4) Large numbers of Street Closures at critical areas

5) More attempts at creating Earthquakes - especially in the Portland to Seattle area - as can be seen on the map below

6) More rolls for Women in US Military Combat Units

7) US Paid Riots at the Democratic and Republican Conventions

8) Destabilization of the US Dollar with planned Riots/Looting No Later Than 15 September 2016

9) More strange weather

10) - AND - Riots world wide as both the food chain distribution centers break down and welfare and Government Hand Outs get slashed worldwide

One last note - the “Earthquakes” (Explosions) continue in the Puget Sound as can be seen at “PNSN Recent Events” - look for the links below. The Orange Dots represent Quakes in the last 24 hours.

Be Ready

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Tomorrow we may discuss the current Computer Hacking attempts to expose just exactly what the US Corporation and all it’s minions have been doing

Pray that the Evil people are  changed and they begin following GOD

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