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Sunday, June 19, 2016



Here we show how to “Cure “ Arthritis.


1) What is Arthritis?

The Greek Word Arthritis means Disease of the Bones.

For most of us it means stiffness, and pain with eventual crippling effects.

Several  doctors told me personally that 95% of all patients tested were positive for one of the 500 different types of Relapsing Fevers like Lymes Disease.

Relapsing Fever is almost always associated with Malaria, Babesiosis and Ehrlichiosis, although there is almost no studies available to the public confirming this. This author was allowed to search through the Restricted VA Library but not allowed to print these articles.

This is similar to 99% of the Autistic Children we are working with - they all have in their blood:

1) Nangalese - which damages the nerves tremendously
2) Lyme Disease (Relapsing Fever)
3) Uranium in their blood
4) Most have Malaria

2) What does Arthritis do?

Now that we know what it is - what does it do?

It cripples you with pain through out the body

The deformation found in the hands is almost identical to that found in those who have nutrient deficiencies, specifically of Calcium and Magnesium.

These deficiencies are associated with Cancer, Autism, and almost every other disease and in many cases are caused by the drugs that are supposed to “Cure” you of these diseases

3) How do you get rid of  Arthritis?

Well - like any disease you never really get rid of it completely but once you knock it back and begin to eat right the products below help your body to remain healthy so you feel great.

So here is what you do:

a) Stop Eating GMO Foods - Period. No Bread (Spent is OK), no GMO Soybeans, No Canola Oil, No GMO Corn, no Dairy of any kind, etc.

Keep in mind - Organically grown GMO is still GMO so no matter how well they package it the food is still poison - especially wheat and Canola Oil.

b) Add a Super Food like Sea Weed to your diet. We eat 1 teaspoon of Dulse Flake form Main Coast Sea Weed daily

c) Add Immusist (Surfactant) to allow your water to stop clumping and allow the nutrients to get inside the cells.

d) Add Cirticare (Contains Surfactant know as Glycerine) to your diet to get rid of infections like Yeast

e) Be careful with all of this as the Surfactants Immusist and Citricare will enhance the effectiveness of the Drugs you are taking

Personal Notes:

So - like my wife says - Arthritis is cause by a Nutrient Deficiency cause by bad food, drugs or a bugs like Lymes Disease.

The procedures, especially eliminating GMOs and adding Sea Weed and Immusist, have ALWAYS produced positive results for the last 26 years.

A Note about Lupus: One doctor told me 95% of his Lupus Patients lost their Lupus after eating I Teaspoon of Diatamatious Earth for 30 days - in these cases the Lupus was caused by Intestinal Worms.

The Overseas Medical Association recommends Bitter Worm Wood (Artimesia Annua) to eliminate parasites. Be careful as this is a very powerful herb.

Below are the phone numbers of the products we showed:

Main Coast Sea Vegetables: 207-565-2907, 207-412-0094
Immusist: 888-02-3315
Citricare: 800-622-8446
Uncle Harry’s Breathing Oil: 866-781-0815

A complete list can be found on the video : THE CURE FOR DEPRESSION


I do not receive and form of Compensation from these companies and I do not think even think Uncle Harry’s or Main Coast Sea Vegetables even know I exist.

Forget about the reference on this story - we are breaking new ground.

I appreciate each and every viewer and subscriber.

Arthritis Hand:

Hands Of A Person With Nutrient Deficiencies:

Almost identical?

Cure the Nutrient Deficiencies, stop eating the GMOs and drugs that cause these deficiencies with Sea Weed and Immusist and Citricare and please  allow yourself to breath freely with Uncle Harry’s Breathing Mix and the Arthritis will begin to subside

As a side note - we use the Uncle Harry Breathing Mix to make our house smell good naturally - it really helps with my Athesma.

It is a very slow process - but what are your choices?

More drugs, crippling Arthritis?

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Links below this video can help you buy products that are non GMO foods and help detoxify your body,

Please pray that GOD helps you eliminate your Arthritis and that he provides you the funds to get the products that help YOU heal.


  1. Ambassador, I am learning so much from your videos. Thank you both for realizing the need and sharing your information. My doctors tell me I have the arthritis of an 80 year old woman (I am 51), I have a double back fusion, and fibromyalgia. I am most interested in getting Immusist and CitriCare, along with the seaweed, as they would be helpful. I've thought about the Colostrum as well.
    Regarding Diatemsceous Earth, where do you get yours? Some "food grade" DM has a label stating not for human consumption.
    The main issue is money. We are a one income family as I cannot work at a regular job... Do you know of any discounts for these products? Any help or suggestions would be gratefully received.
    Thank you, sir. I pray for all of our awake brethren to receive YHWH's blessings as we continue in His will. Blessings to you and your sweet wife.

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