Sunday, June 26, 2016

How The Dollar Is Maintained

What you are about to learn is how the Dollar is maintained.

Video: Amazing - How The Dollar Is Maintained - YouTube

The CIA was established right after World War 2 to maintain the US Dollar as a World Currency.

The charter of the CIA is to both maintain the US Dollar as the world Currency but to remove governments that oppose the United States Corporation

For about 70 years they have done a very good job, unfortunately - they have gone rogue and are now supporting those that wish Full Scale Nuclear War.

This Nuclear War may maintain the Dollar as the World Currency but when the Unholy Alliance is Nuked (New York, DC, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Rome, Jerusalem) there goes the US Corporation as well.

So for now we have contained the Nuclear War and helped stop many, many assassinations of World Leaders... but that may all change very soon - but that is for a different day.

Our goal for this channel is to keep YOU informed about what is really going on around the world, to prepare you for what is coming, and to pray to stop this evil on this planet.

That is all.

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Dr William B. Mount

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