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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Global Reset Near, US Ports Re-Open

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  1. China and federal rep who signed off on trillion dollar USA land deal are going to crap themselves when they find out all USA Landis held by the people judge Anna and her living law firm used old treaties and heirs of the republic land claims to legally return on all 50 states back to the people. No one as a rep of USA could sign off on that....seriously would be fraud big fraud. Lets see a fed rep signing away the peoples land forna fed reserve debt that was not for nor did belong to the people of USA. So yeah once they find of June 27 was official.....that land was returned to the legal heirs of the USA. Not the feds or o e without a vote by the people of each state could sign off on that land deal..and whoever did...well lets say they are going to flip out when they find it....