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Monday, June 20, 2016

NATO Prepares For War - Why?



Within the last week NATO has mover around 100,000 troops to the Russian Boarder - including around 60,000 US soldiers

The Russia Deputy Defense Minister has recently learned that the Launch Targeting Array on the US Missiles in Poland and Romania have recently has been changed form Defensive to Offensive - targeting what he believes is Russian Cities - but the US refuses to share any information about this to Russia

In addition, over 50,000 US/Nato troops are conducting exercises on the Russian Boarder in Poland and the Baltic States

If the US launches any Nuclear weapons at Russia there will be an automatic response - the world ends that day.

If a nuke goes off in the wrong place - good by planet Earth

What are they hiding - what are these leaders trying to suppress and not allow you to access?

Why are they trying so hard to keep the British Exit from the EU?

Why are all the Rothchilds - according to Banjamin Fulford - all in hiding and why is McChord Air Force Base flying re-supply missions to the Far East at an alarming rate?

Could it be that Deutch Bank - worth over 75 Trillion Dollars of worthless Derivatives - the Bank of the Vatican Empire - is about to break so they are trying to create a war to hide this?

GOD warned them, they did not listen, now they are ready to fall apart. Their Bankstas will be skinned alive - not a joke…

The economy is now tanking thanks to the leadership running both Europe and the United States, who’s $16 Trillion Dollar GDP includes $6 Trillion in government Spending - which leads to a real GDP of around $10 Trillion

The Obama and EU administrations have killed small businesses in America - have you ever had a small business?

China’s Economy is also tanking - there is no one to produce for - no one is paying.
Remember Basic Economics - for every dollar the Government taxes it takes $6 out of the economy?

For every $1 Trillion Dollars in taxes $6 Trillion In Real GDP is eliminated.

Just as a side note - look at the sales of Caterpillar Tractors over the last 18 months…..

Again - 65% of the US stock Market Trading is done by Artificial Intelligence. Do not expect a BIG crash - expect the dollar to go away as Economist Jim Willie says. It would not hurt you to subscribe to his website.
So we pray that the Evil is converted to good, that GOD returns with HIS angels quickly to fix this mess these leader’s handlers have created.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

For You Intel Geeks:

Want to know why a Growing and Glowing Pyramid is on the planet Ceres?

Want to know who put it there and why?

Stay tuned, subscribe.

Russia: UN Coded Message: War to begin Taurus Full Moon, watch for assassination attempts against Putin that day along with the Power Brokers like Sergio.

Taurus - Bull Headed, War...

The NAZI's invaded Russia two days before the New Moon, you do the astrology and math on that one. The Obama Handlers are insane, suicidal and absolutely crazy.

Taurus Full Moon 19 July 2016 - Moon Giant

Taurus New Moon - in about 13 days?

Watch Tibilsi for US (Muslim) actions headed North and Gulf of Ob for strange things.

U.S. and Russian Jets Clash Over Syria - The Daily Beast

CAT Retail Sales LT.jpg (1138×649)


Caterpillar | Retail Statistics

Sears and Kmart closures: Here's the full list |

NATO’s Gamble With World War III: Peace Is Possible Only with Russia and China!

Hillary Clinton Push For War Beings World To Brink

The Elephant In The Room: Deutsche Bank's $75 Trillion In Derivatives Is 20 Times Greater Than German GDP | Zero Hedge

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