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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ted Mahr - Meet The New Art Bell

Folks - Meet The New Art Bell - Ted Mahr

"A mild mannered guy with a powerful message"

Art Bell started his life out life as an Air Force Medic in Vietnam. After returning home he ran a "Pirate" radio station at the Amarillo air Force Base.

Interview: Ted Mahr - Meet The New Art Bell - YouTube

After the Air Force Experience he hosted radio programs - whatever he could get. He moved form Disc Jockey to Political Talk Show Host to Paranormal Radio Talk Show host building the largest Late Night  Radio Network in the world reaching a whoppong 15 million listeners from his 10-11 PM slot.

George Noory eventually took over the post of Art Bell. He is now, what I would call, one of the best radio interviewers in the world. Unfortunately - he does not have the controversial line up that Art had due to political reasons and listener-ship has fallen to around 500,000 in the 10-11 PM Time Slot.

In comes Ted Mahr on 1150 AM.

Ted was born into a Psychic Family and was taught at an early age how to communicate with people in the higher harmonics by his mother

Here - 3rd Dimension, 1st Harmonics - We vibrate at 85 MHZ

Astral Plane - 3rd Dim, 2nd Harmonics - Vibrates at 85,000 MHZ

Galactic Plane - 3rd Dim, 3rd Harmonics - Vibrates at 85,000,000 MHZ

And so on and so forth.

At 8 Harmonics up (3rd Dimension, 8th Harmonics)  matter goes away - all is energy. You literally merge with mind and spirit with this Harmonics.

These are "Bandwidths of Life" and they are all around us.

God, the Angels, obviously come from the 8th Harmonics - or what many call the 9th Dimension.

Ted can communicate with people up three harmonics through - Telepathy

Ted started life after college  a Lawyer in Seattle to try and solve problems. Unfortunately - Ted could see both sides of every argument and spent most of his time trying to bring people closer together rather than farther apart.

Ted soon discovered that there is too much conflict out there for one man to solve - lawsuits kept sprouting up every day and people just seemed to love to dwell in that hate and Ted realized that this must be solved at a much higher level.

In 2013 Ted began a search to find a better way to solve the plant's constant bickering and discontent, jealousy, hate, etc and during his search signed a contract with 1150 AM Radio to run a Talk Radio Program form 2-4 PM that also is broadcast on the Internet.

In 2 years he has brought in over 1 million listeners on a daily basis and become one of the largest radio programs in the world - unbelievable but true.

One million listeners, 60 nations - in only 2 years.

The radio program is called:

Out Of This World Radio

Out of This World Radio -

Ted also has a great sense of Humor and will occasionally ask what appears to be "Very Silly Questions" that offer tomes lead to the most amazing answers.

He will keep you at the edge of your chair.

This is your search for the truth, not anyone elses

His call in numbers are 1-888-298-5569, or 425-373-5527

Outside the US is: 001-425-373-5527

Or Gmail:

Terms used that mean the same thing:

Angel (Agellion in Greek) --- "Extra Terrestrial" -  Not from Earth

Demon -- Angry and Very Mean Extra Terrestrial, not from Earth

GOD --- The Merger of all minds with the God at a very much higher vibration

Demon -- Often times refers to a Negative Implant placed on you a very long time ago

Witchcraft - Manipulation of the energy form the Astral Plane - 85,000 MHZ

A note about these Negative Implants (Demons) attached to you eons ago:  Our prayers have now been brought to the Heavens and we have been heard and GOD is now sending in his Angels to assist us by removing these Demons.'

In the UFO World they are apparently know as SERES - and they are arriving In mass and are here to Free you of the Demons that were attached to your very soul.

This experiment called "Evil" is over.

The Power Base that supports this Evil Cabal here on Earth has been neutralized and the entire "Power/Hate/Fear" based empire is being brought down.

The Satellite Based System of collecting Negative Energy and feeding into these High Ranked Cabal Members so they can get their "Jollies" is being dismantled and the Tyranical Control they have had over you  is also being taken apart - piece by piece.

This will leave all of us free and thus capable of making decisions free form Demonic (Negative Implants) influence.

This is what we have been praying for so please keep up your prayers.

Pray that the Satellite System feeding these High Ranking Cabal Members is dismantled to the point where they cannot use it for their Evil Purposes.

There is allot going on out there folks and we are all waking up.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Prime Minister of Russia  Dmetri Medvedev Confirms ETs Exist:

Russian Prime Minister Confirms The Existence Of Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life | Collective-Evolution

Canadian Defense Minister Confirms ETs Exist:

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Links to 1150 AM Radio Program:

(117) Ted Mahr - Hello Friends! From June 10th to 12th, 2016, I am...

(117) Ted Mahr

Art Bell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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