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Monday, June 13, 2016

Scott Lemriel - Real Hope For America

In an amazing interview with Scott Lemriel he gives us a dose of both Reality and Real Hope for Planet Earth.

Scott Lemriel - Real Hope For Planet Earth - YouTube

Over the weekend my wife and I were invited to a local  conference by the host. During this conference we met Scott and - this was no chance meeting. 

Scott is a very clean cut guy, has a business and at age 3 had  a UFO come to him. He never asked to contact them - they came. 

Through the years Scott began working with these "UFO" People.

They are actually Human - a very old human race. In fact - they call themselves the "SERES" and have been around for millions of years.

They began to work with Scott,and many others, because they saw what was happening to Planet Earth and really had a desire to stop it's destruction.

Plagued with wars, environmental disasters, assassinations and economic collapse these advanced Humans began working on this planet behind the scenes to clean this planet up.

Scott discusses what is really going on behind the scenes - what is really going on NOW to influence the Secret Government to change it's direction and cast off this Bondage and move forward as a Planet free form War and Destruction.


His latest book THE SERIES AGENDA can be purchased from:

I actually bought this book - I felt that strongly about what Scott was saying.

When we are done with this book  we will purchase his Trilogy:

I will not discuss anyone unless I really believe that what they are saying is true.

In his Final Remark the word HUUUUUUU is a prayer that goes directly to GOD and through the Angels - a way of asking the angels (Seres and other benevolent Beings) for help.

((((((((((As a final note: We said there would be a "Fake Shooting This Month In Orlando" orchestrated by the CIA Director in New York City using the same folks they used at Sandy Hook - actors from Pima Arizona Acting School. ....... A little tanning spray, a few days of a beard, a few rags around the head, Brown Contact Lenses  - instant Special Forces Muslims. This is False Flag #8) )))))))))) 

And guess what popped out while we were there and if you enlarge these pictures of these small spherical objects guess what you get: 

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