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Monday, October 31, 2016



VIDEO:   Hillary: More Murders, Emails And War - YouTube

 Very exciting story this morning so hang on.

Apparently there are two more dead people associated with Hillary - so the count rises by 2.

First - Eric Braverman, former director of the Clinton Foundation, was to meet with a Russian Consulate in New York City last night and missed his appointment.

He is assumed dead.

Something does not feel right about the whole incident.

That high level of a target would have been ushered into the Russian Embassy in a Second.

If this Russian Consulate really did “Make An Appointment” to meet with Eric Braverman rather than handling it immediately then he will be shot within the week.

So - there is something that is not right here with this story?
2) E. Lee Hennessee was found dead in her apartment at the Trump Estates. She was a huge part of the Billy Graham Crusade, Created Campus Crusade, had business dealings in Saudi Arabia, helped in the Bush Jr Campaign for President and was a primary fund raiser the Trump Campaign.

Apparently she and her husband has a spout ans he left the apartment to stay as a hotel.

She dialed 911 and when the police arrived they found her drunk, so they called the fire Department and htey put her to bed.

The next morning her husband found her dead  - in the living room - apparently beaten to death.

The Apartment Cameras will clearly show who killed her - but no one is talking.

Hang on folks because this will be a very busy morning.

First  - there may be  2 more deaths related to the Hillary Campaign

1) Eric Braverman, former Director of the Clinton Foundation, applied for Political Assylum with a Russian Consulate in New York City. He missed his appointment with the Russian Consulate last night and is assumed dead.

Why did he need to wait for an appointment with a lowly Consulate?

It does not pass the Smell Test.
ad a fight and he left and went to a hotel. and she got smackered and called 911. When the police came they called the Fire Department - who calmed her down and then they left.

She was found dead in the morning by her husband - who’s location was recorded all night.

The initial Police Report clearly states she was beaten to death.

The Internal Cameras at their apartment clearly shows who killed her but no one is talking.

Second - Anthony Weiners Laptop Computer, seized by the FBI, magically holds over 650,000 Emails pertaining to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s Illegal Activities

So - the real question is - How did he get all of Hillary’s and Huma’s emails?

This one year old Laptop  holds all of Hillary’s and Huma’s Emails for the last - what - 10 years?

How is that even possible?

How can you keep 10 years of Emails on a 1 year old laptop and how did he get access to Huma’s and Hillary’s Email Accounts???

Something does not pass the smell test.

As Sherlock Holmes would say: “Something Is Amiss Dr Watson

Finally: As we are all focused on the Evils of the Clinton Crime Family Super Station 95.1 is reporting that all across the nation there is an Emergency recall of all members of the National Guard.

They believe this is in preparation for the Coming False Flag.

One good Nuke and all eyes are off the election as a Huge War Erupts.

The internet has begun roaring with postings from people all over the nation reporting very large military convoys on the move

National Guardsmen were beginning to be recalled at 3:30 Am Saturday Morning and all major military bases are reported to have allot of activity in the in the United States only.

Further - Obama, Biden and Hillary have cancelled all personal appearances after 31 October.

Looks like war?
A Personal Message To President Vladimir Putin: If you, or Deutsche Bank,  had done as GOD had asked you to do years ago then Russia would not be facing this Terror cause by your Tyrannical Masters.

Deutsch bank is now run by your “Allies” in China.

Now the people of Russia, and China,  are on the verge of total annihilation thanks to your lack of courage.

It is not to late - but very close to it.




The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount



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