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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Anthony Weiner Fully Cooperates With FBI


VIDEO: ....Weiner Rises To Cooperate With FBI - YouTube

Congressman Weiner is fully cooperating with the FBI in their investigation into the Hillary’s “RAT PACK.”

This network of scum stretches across the globe

In recent developments it was revealed by the Main Stream Press that: Apparently over 100,000 emails sent by Huma Abadeen and Congressman Weiner and were stored on Anthony’s Computer.

Now - sit down and think..

How many Emails have you sent in your life time?

If they updated their computer every 4 years - that means they would have to send out 25,000 Emials every year - or around 70 individual Emails per day - every day - for 4 years knowing they were being sent through Servers primarily owned by the CIA???

Could you and your wife - using the same computer - send out 70 Emails per day every day - 35 separate emails per person per day???

And - their computer is likely only 2 years old - meaning that would be 140 separate emails every day of the year from 1 Computer?

Doesn’t make sense, does it?

We also know that all Emails are run through servers and stored there and then sent to 3 different companies in Israel thanks to a “Memorandum of Understanding” Obama initiated with Israel in 2009.

I have a close friend - known him since the day I was born - who worked with the CIA and he called me 21 years ago and had a print out of a telephone conversation I supposedly had with an Uncle I did not know.

So - not only are your Emails and Phone Calls stored but fake ones are apparently made up about you just in case the CIA needs to “Contain You“.

So why has the FBI brought these emails up 11 days before the election???

Here is their plan and here is what we need to pray against:

1) Appoint Hillary as President in accordance with the 1871 Organic Constitution signed by the Traitor President Grant.

2) Pardon Hillary and let her go into Oblivion and - more than likely her and her doubles will be terminated within a year to hide this and a NEW Hillary Double will be brought on line.

3) Appoint Jesuit Scum Tim Caine as President after Hillary resigns in late January to bring in the revolution, a man connected to the following terrorist organization.

1) Muslim Brotherhood

2) Muslim American Association

3) Islamic Society of North America

4) Muslim Student’s Association

5) The list goes on and on and on.

Both the 1793 and 1871 Constitutions make it a crime of Treason to bring anyone into the nation who wishes to over throw the American and US Corporate Governments -  and the Koran says that the Muslims must do exactly that.

So the mere participation in organizations which wish to Kill  Americans and leaders of the US Corporation automatically convicts Virginia Senator Tim Caine of both Treason and Murder.

If the FBI or Naval Intelligence (The Only Ones Legally Allowed By The Constitution To Stop This Madness) had stones below their belts they would stop these mad men and do just that - but the leadership is filled with Demon Possessed Cowards.

This Demon Possessed Jesuit Tim Caine Democratic VP Candidate is not just participating with them but is a Board Member on many of these organizations planning to kill members of the government of the US Corporation.

IE -  case and point - on 31 July Major General John Rossi - new commander of the Army Space and Missile Command - was found murdered in his home on base in Alabama.

All of these murders across the world are done by Jesuit Scum.

Like Hanz Kovlenback - Chief Jesuit General - stated in an interview on 4 April 2000: “Kill all of the Jesuits and you get your nation back and you get your money back, But world leaders are too cowardly to do this - especially Wimpy, Gimpy Putin.”

He also stated that if a Man Of GOD rises to challenge them if any Jesuit touches him in any way - physically, financially, or any other way  - the Jesuits are under orders to kill them.

Leaders across the world: You must kill this snake or be replaced by clones or doubles very soon. Wake up.

I challenge Tim Caine’s  boss Lucifer on TV,  I challenge Lucifer on the radio, I challenge Lucifer in print in the name of the Living GOD and have been doing so for 9 years: Stand down Lucifer and your Whores or face the wrath of the Living GOD. Period.

Your prayers are what is taking these Monsters down.

Just keep on praying and please keep your family ready with silver, a full pantry, extra water and a faith in GOD that is unshakable.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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