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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Breaking! October Surprise Exposed By Captured Spy


Video: October Surprise Exposed By Captured Spy - YouTube

Apparently a spy captured in Britain and then brought to the US was wearing a special Cuff Link that was actually a Zip Drive outlining when and where the US October Surprises were to be.

As if a Hurricane guided by a US Submarine was not enough.

The entire story reads like a spy novel and centers around the last Secretary Of State and the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens - so here goes…

The CIA has been using Terror Attacks across the globe to do what they were set up to do: gather intelligence and support the US Corporation at all costs.

1) Here we have a CIA Agent openly stating that every single terrorist attack in the US was a false flag.

2) A second CIA Agent openly states that they create terrorist attacks in America

So what you are about to hear is real and we can personally confirm about half of it as an Ambassador and the other half can be confirmed by emails now released and posted on

Apparently the British Intelligence Service - which does not wish to go up in a big Nuke explosion - is trying to track where hundreds of tons of weapons and explosive went after the fall of Egypt and where the US State Department has been sending weapons across the globe.

This entire Global Weapons Tracking by international spy agencies really cranked up after the former US Secretary Of State (Sold) the North Koreans 112 Nukes and 12 Minute Man 1 platforms with an 8,000 mile range - capable of hitting Moscow, Seattle, Jerusalem, Honolulu, etc.

John Shapiro - US Assistant Secretary of State 1 June 2012 -  “”The Purpose of the State Department is to sell weapons.””

The British Intelligence Service SIS (MI6) has captured a suspect that was hired by the last Secretary Of State named Samata Ullah and he was wearing a Cuff Link that was actually a Zip Drive and it outlines no only the Entire Spy Network put together by the former Secretary Of State but where 400 Stinger Missile Launchers went and who is about to use them and where.

Most of them have now been transported into the United States to be used this month to create such Havoc that the President can cancel the election.

This man - Ullah - was paid by the Triple Canopy LLC - a private Security Firm also hired to transport weapons from Libya to Syria.

Apparently Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Smata Ullah and Marc Turoi - a US Arms Dealer - met back in 2012 and Stevens had promised these weapons to an Islamic Groups named Ansar Al-Sharia - paid to create Terrorist attacks. Well - the Ambassador sent sold them to a Terrorist Group located in the US.

He also sold 400 tons of Weapons to the Muhijadeen Al Kaleek (MEK) and they headed to Syria, with Russia intercepting 100 tons in a town in their Chetzniya Region. The Ambassador kept the commission for the sale of these weapons - something that was supposed to go to the Former Secretary Of State.

On 22 September Samata Ullah was arrested here in the Britain and has revealed all - including describing how to get the information out of his Zip Drive describing the Entire US Spy Network in the Middle East and surprisingly enough - he was just released by the US Justice Department.

So we have reached a point where Interpol - an international Crime (Fighting) Agency in Lyons France - has issued a “Red Notice” - find those who are about to create the US October Surprise and stop it.

In the mean time a huge Hurricane is ravaging Haiti and Cuba with over 1 million evacuated and is headed up the East Coast guided by one of the US Weather Submarines we have had in our inventory since around 1960.

All you do is send FM frequencies - causing the air to rise and this draws in more air creating a Hurricane. Plane and simple and easy to do.

On last note - the terror Groups are know to have Nuclear Weapons supplied by the current Administration.


So be ready folks for what is coming.

Pray that your family is ready for whatever these Elites can throw at us.

Continue to pray that these terror attacks are stopped and those responsible are exposed and brought to justice immediately

If your pantry is full and you have no medical problems life is good.


Despite all of these Antics of Murder created by the White House Handlers life goes on.

Yesterday we rescued 6 abandoned kittens from a neighbor’s house

We already have homes for 3 of them.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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UN: ISIS made a nuclear weapon; Threatens blast in London

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Former CIA Officer: “Every Single Terrorist Attack In US Was A False Flag Attack”

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British Isis suspect accused of trying to use cufflink in terror attack | The Independent

Obama DOJ drops charges against alleged broker of Libyan weapons - POLITICO

'400 surface-to-air missiles' were 'STOLEN' from Libya during the Benghazi attack, says whistle-blowers' attorney | Daily Mail Online

As the Benghazi compound went up in flames, says Joe diGenova, 400 missiles capable of bringing down jetliners were 'stolen' from U.S. control, possibly at the nearby CIA annex

Notices / INTERPOL expertise / Internet / Home - INTERPOL

Notice - red
Red Notice
To seek the location and arrest of wanted persons with a view to extradition or similar lawful action.

Be Ready Folks


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