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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Massive Battle Now Decides Middle East Fate


VIDEO: Huge Battle To Decide Fate Of Middle East - YouTube

There is currently a huge battle raging in Iraq today centered around the city of Mosul.

Around 5,000 of the White House Supported Islamic State (I..S..I..S..) tyrants are facing over 100,000 Kurds to the North supported by Turkish Forces and well as over 25,000 Iraqi Troops to the South.

The original plan was for these Islamic Tyrants to run South West to Haditha, refuel and then head South along the River and meet US Ships in the Persian Gulf and head to the United States.

The second plan was to head directly West to Tal Afar, refuel, and then across the desert to Al Khatuniya to be re-supplied to continue the fight.

However - the governments of 43 nations just met with US General Dunford (US Chief Of Staff) 6 days ago and all of them have had enough of these WHITE HOUSE WARS.

With the recent release of all of the Emails from the Chinese Corporation named Wikileaks implicating everything and every body surrounding the White House (The FBI, Department of Justice, US Treasury, CIA, DNC, Secretaries Of State, Etc)  involved in Treason against almost every nation across the globe they decided these WHITE HOUSE WARS are to end  --- As Soon As Possible --- ASAP.

It is unlikely that a United States Corporate State Department Run Air Mission of any kind will sustain these beleaguered 5,000 Islamic Tyrants surrounded by over 125,000 very angry, well supplied Kurdish and Iraqi soldiers.

They have had enough.

The war may be coming to an end in Iraq and Syria - if the US supplies to these Tyrants are stopped. They are currently running out of what is left of the arms and ammunition buried in caves near Al Malikiya in the North Eastern Corner of Syria.

Try going to Mala Ebu Xerib for the answer to where these arms are buried.

So the fate of the Middle East will be decided perhaps in a every few days.

Once the White House Supported Tyrants fall in Mosul they will fall across the Middle East.

Keep in mind though that the fighting in Mosul has been going on since the beginning of time and minor skirmishes may continue until the end of time

For You Intel Geeks:

1) There will be a New White House Supported Muslim Brother Hood spring up that may torch off a truck near where  I-80 meets state highway 75 in the near future - it is sponsored by a sector of the FBI.

2) FBI will have a potential School Shooting near LA in about 3 weeks - we shall see how far they get with this one. Look for some closed schools very soon.

3) Three Israeli Subs have been lost in the last 3 years - we warned you Israel. As For What Is Coming:

We did a TV show on exactly how these submarines would be lost and why and by whom. You ignored us Israeli Defense Source. That was YOU error, not GOD’s.

You - as Jews, are buying Submarines from Germany - the NAZIS. What’s wrong with this picture?

Can anyone say Holocaust?

Prime Minister Netanyahu - if you buy 3 more Submarines from Germany you will loose them as well. Duh?

4) World Series - Game 5 - Fight in Bathroom started by an employee for the YOU KNOW WHO  campaign - he will get drunk and try and start a fight “RIOT” but will be too blasted to do so.

5) As for the attack on the US/AU/UK/NZ/CA Draconian Infrastructure after the election - it will be a huge one. You can figure this one out. Once you appoint The Big H As President I’m off the clock.
Pray that your families are ready for the future

Pray also that these Draconian Command and Control Centers cease to function immediately

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount
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US signs first historical military agreement with Kurds to fight ISIS - ARA News

The Encyclopedia of Middle East Wars: The United States in the Persian Gulf ... - Google Books

Syria: Kurds close in on Isis capital of Raqqa as ceasefire looms

Be Ready Folks

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