Saturday, August 3, 2019

Trump Catches More Swamp Creatures & Evicts Them

Not that President Trump has all those Epstein Videos covering almost every Swamp Creature in DC it is easy to get rid of them once they show their ugly heads..

This week - in a stroke of genius - President Trump appointed Congressman John Rattcliff as the new Director of National Intelligence.

Suddenly dozens of Swamp Creatures surfaced and President Trump simply evicted them from office by threatening to make public the Epstein Videos on them,

Once out of DC they will be dealt with one by one for what they have done ground up into fertilizers and replaced with useless Brain Dead doubles. Not Kidding.

Further - as Gillette trashes White Males they have just announced a $2 Billion Dollar Loss in company revenues - they are about to become insolvent.

Companies supporting Politically Correctness are dying on the vine.

VIDEO:  (1662) Trump Catching Swamp Creatures - Removing Them With Epstein Videos - YouTube

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