Monday, August 5, 2019

Good Bye 2nd Amendment

In the wake of the FBI/CIA Orchestrated Mass Shootings over the weekend in El Paso and Ohio we must assume that even the President will begin to implement Gun Control Laws

Rather than arming The public and preparing them for the Demon Possessed Intel Agencies we are disarming Americans in full violation of our Constitutional Rights

I Am An America - william mount

Not A Corporation WILLIAM MOUNT

For now we must trust Trump as GOD says support him - but GOD is about fed up with his not listening and he may be replaced with the NEW TRUMP soon

Generally - the Red Ties Trump is the real Trump

And - as our large corporations continue to gut America and remove our Freedom of Speech on TV, Radio Newspapers and on Social Media it is time to Hunker Down

Throw out the TV, Pull your kids out of Public School, Arm Private School Teachers, and do not go to large stores.

The CIA/FBI will now openly target these Large Stores across the nation using their Underground Forces to kill, randomly kill - openly kill - to create Chaos.

as our nation is "Sisified" - no one will have the ability to fight back.

No One

The Demon Possessed Cockroaches and Pigs in our Intelligent Community will now push hard - watch as America turns form GOD to our Government and TV for help - but it will not come. 

Hunker Down Folks -


The Wall of Truth

Dr William B. Mount

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