Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Epstein Judge & Cop Found Dead as Dow Down 700 Points

The Epstein Distraction is working

Rather than focusing on the coming Depression we are all looking at the latest "Tid Bits" surrounding Jeffery Epstein

Consider that the evidence has been in the hands of the DOJ of over 10 years - or 2,0000 Working Days - Yet NO Arrests





There is another Pedophile Island on an Island just north of Cuba and one in Sumatra

Si while we are focused on Epstein and Clinton - the world may be falling apart around us.

Pray At 9 PM Every Night President Trump does as GOD has Directed him - not Lucifer.

VIDEO::: (1958) Epstein Judge & Cop Found Dead As Dow Down 700 Points - YouTube

The Wall Of truth

Dr William B. Mount
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