Monday, August 12, 2019

Are We Living In The Last Days

Are we really living in THE LAST DAYS

Will the messiah return in just a matter of days or Weeks?

well - According to the newspapers in Israel we surely are living in those day.

The Prophesies of hte Ancient Jewish Profits are now coming true in Rapid Succession -


Is it a form of Control Orchestrates by the Jewish Mafia to keep control of the people?

We know that on 10 December those Fallen Angels that control the United Nations in the Lucifer Trust said they plan to kill off most of Humanity 21 December of  - THIS YEAR!

So these signs - whether made up or real - may be some sort of indication that the Elites - the Deep State- is planning Something BIG - REALLY BIG to happen this year.

This is why we preach a Full Pantry - making more money with Trade Genius, Storing Your Money In Gold/Silver, Water Filters, Gardens, etc.

I we die we die - but until that time let's live live to the fullest

Let us be the Person GOD intended us to be and with more money we can reach out and help folks.

VIDEO:  (1901) Are We Living In The Last Days? - YouTube

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