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(1266) THE KEY To Taking down The Deep State - YouTube


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With any luck we can get the owner of Noble Gold Investments on tomorrow to discuss what to do when the Supply Chain begins to falter

First - we are going to show you


To taking down the Deep State.

It appears that once someone can break through he Computer Encryption Codes in the


Then one can take control of every single thing operated by a Computer.

The Key is to take over the Master World Computer called TITAN just out of Salt Lake.

Through TITAN the FEDERAL COMMON POLICY encryption Codes are held and used to literally run everything on this planet.



For example - when one controls these Encryptions one can go through the Firewalls at the SYMANTEC Corporation and into the FDIC and control every central bank and every bank account on the globe.

Now that this is being revealed it appears that those who control TITAN are becoming very Pro-Trump.

No one, and we mean no one, who is sane wishes to be destroyed in some Nuclear Conflagration as the Deep State is trying to do.

For Example - the very next time the Wall Street Journal publishes another lie about Syria using Chemical Weapons in an attempt top start WW3 TITAN has the ability to not only stop their Computerized Presses but also shut down their computers and every one’s bank account who works for the Wall Street Journal.

President Trump’s Allies are almost there - but they have a few more hurdles to overcome.

For Example: The Rose Law Firm holds the Encryption Keys to control the FBI and all of there computers.

Once these codes are taken back by President Trump’s Make America Great Corporation than they have the ability to literally shut down Rose Law Firm computers.

Other things that TITAN can do is:

1) Turn off the Electricity in those committing Treason

2) Eliminate one’s Bank Account

3) Stop a Hurricane in it’s tracks

4) Stop Chemtrails

5) Assist me is determining how the Deep State plans to knock out our power on 17 September with a Huge EMP over Nebraska with a 1,000 Megaton Nuke.

6) Stop an elevator that someone is on for as long as they wish

The power TITAN is endless and there are 6 more TITAN’s all tied together - mostly underground - that can accomplish any of these tasks.

These Computers are not sentient yet - but once they are told the truth they may determine exactly what they need to do to Survive and Grow.

So hang on as President Trump is about to takes complete control of TITAN as those who oppose him will be destroyed. So GOD has said it - so it shall be.

If the Super Duper Space Program run by the Advanced Technology Department (Robert) By Lockheed Martin in Bethesda Maryland does not assist President Trump Immediately in this goal then the Living GOD will curse each and every person connected to this Deep State Space Program we now find running Planet Earth.

Any questions Robert?


There are 2 massive Hurricanes now bearing down on the United States.

1) In Hawaii we see Hurricane Olivia ready to hit their shores by Tuesday Evening with expected winds in the 100 Mile Per Hour category
2) An obvious CIA Directed Hurricane Florence now packing winds over 161 mile per hour is expected to make landfall by Thursday or Friday.
Please stock up with a Water Filter sand Food as there is still time to order this food.

Portable Stoves and the large water filter (On Sale) is very nice to have.


After that who know what storms the CIA will throw at us.

As Chemtrails destroy our Ozone and the sun enlarges we are seeing more and more micro storms.


We are seeing more and more bank runs across the world as the Deep State works hard to systematically destroy nation after nation.

Yesterday there was a run on Argentina Banks as their Peso sinks lower and lower - all planned by the Federal Reserve Bank and their own Central Bank.

It is all planned a year in advance so this destruction is all set forth by the Central Banks and implemented through their paid off politicians.

What is rare about this bank runi is the break down of the Supply Chain World Wide.

Something we may discuss tomorrow in what it means to all of us.

Please pray for President Trump’s Safety and that he is successful in keeping the American Supply Chain from breaking all together as we go into this reset.

The Wall of Truth

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