Saturday, September 8, 2018

Red Heifer Born In Israel- End Of Days??


(1202) Red Heifer Born In Israel Signifies End Of Days? - YouTube


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 In an Historic Moment a Red Heifer was just born in Israel.

According to Modern Jewish Priests they state that this signifies the End Of Days and the Building of the Temple for the return of the Messiah.

So -- is it really the end of days?

So the Deep State has moved in all of the Chemicals to initiate a real Chemical Attack in the region of North West Syria, and both the United States and Russia are now poised to initiate a Full Scale Nuclear War because of this CIA Operation that is supposed to happen tonight.

So let’s all step back and take a Deep Breath to see what is really happening???
1) First - We know that Agenda 21 is the complete destruction of all Surface Dwellers - as we shown in FEMA’s Operation Devolution on TV 11 years ago. This must be completed by the year 2021 so the “6th Root Race of Semi Transparent Humans may be born in Baha California to a Desert Planet.


2) Netanyahu promised the Chief Priests of Israel to do everything he can to bring about a Full Scale Nuclear War to bring in the Jewish messiah since they spit on Yeshua.


3) The Jews have been Genetically Modifying a herd of Red Cows now for over 3 years - preparing for this day. Digging Huge Underground Nuclear Bunkers and now the Deep State Elites are ready.

4) Finally - After 36 months of Laboratory Work they claim that the first Red Cow has been born in 2,000 years so the Jews can build their “Temple” at the North Gate of Jerusalem, Sacrifice their Heifer and start a Full Scale Nuclear war so their messiah can return.


Benjamin Netanyahu - there is now a Heavy Curse on you and your leaders in Israel from the Living God for attempting to manipulate the Israelites into thinking that this is from the Living GOD. So GOD has said it - so it shall be.

Look in your Masonic Books and see the significance of the Duke of Saint Petersburg.


People are moving into the states run primarily by Conservative Governors as their economies are doing well.

Today in Miami building is going on at such a rate that it is very  common to find someone in construction earning over $50,000 per year and everyone not hooked on Drugs who can work is hired.

The key is - that while you are working you need to train in a job where you can work all winter - like in HVAC - Air Conditioning and Heater Repair.

Many people are taking advantage of this shift in work, moving to Miami, and learning how to be  a Plumber and Electrician.

If you do not mind moving, and getting dirty, then this field is one that will suit you.

The other great thing about this boom in work in many Red States is that the Pension Funds there are getting a boost so it is unlikely that the Local Electrician’s Unions will be broke any time soon - but who know what the future may hold.

IE NobleGoldInvestments.Com

Remember - while President Trump is trying to Balance the US Federal Budget, and US Balance of Trade by leveling the Playing Field through Tariffs, and reign in the CIA you need to take care of your self.

The best part of Construction is - you don’t need to get into debt through College Loans to work there - just show up with a hammer, drill and a willingness to work.


A….. A Federal Appeals Court ruled it is legal to sleep on the streets
B ….. A Michigan’s Court of appeals ruled that Biological men are men and must use Men’s Locker Rooms and Biological Women must use Women’s Rest Rooms.

Thus - Rachel Maddow (NBC) and must  now use a men’s Restroom as she has a Huge Adams Apple.

So President Trump’s Biggest critics are Cross Dressers - Go Figure

Rachael Maddow Speaks with Forked Tongue:



Please pray for President Trump’s Safety

The Wall of Truth

William B. Mount
With my friend Collin
With Bob
With My friend Ronnie - Who’s Cinnamon and Vinegar I Use daily
Also available on Ebay with Citricare

With My Adopted Greek Brother Coach Jimmy K

Russia Debates Nuclear Target Designation For “Crazytown U.S.A.” After Israel Reports Prophetic “Red Heifer” Is Born That Signals “End Of Days”


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Leftists are LOSING; court sides with woman against Planet Fitness policy allowing trans men to use women’s locker rooms –

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