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Is This The Battle of Armageddon ???


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As our President attempts to re-write the expires treaties from NAFTA and the WTO and balance our Trade Deficit there is a final battle taking place around Aleppo, Syria.

Is the war in Syria now taking place the final battle mentioned in the Book of Revelations?

Now that China is building a Naval Base in Syria and evicting the US Navy for the area and Russian forces bearing down into the area of Aleppo Syria is this where the Trigger for WW3 begins?

First - let us understand several important things.

1) First - the Book of Revelations as written in most Current Bibles was a book added years later after the Original Bible was put together and it authenticity was questioned by the Original Bible Scholars but was added in after much debate.

The actual writer of the book was never confirmed and to this day most Russia Orthodox Church still does not officially recognize this book since most of it came from the writings done in Babylon and Assyria.

Be that as it may - let us assume it is real.

2) The original valley of Armageddon is not in Israel but just south of Aleppo, Syria - where the final elimination of the US Funded ISIS is going on.

The City State of Elba was founded by the Ameliorates - who according to their writings were the sons of the Angels who had sex with Earth Women.

King Og - The Last Giant

According to Deuteronomy these Raphaite people lived through out Syria and according the  the last of the Raphaite King Og stood about 10 feet tall - they were Giants.
The word Armageddon comes form the following root:

Ar - A place guarded by a watchman

Megiddo - Seat of the Government

N - A New Beginning after the Old Dies Away.

Ar’mageddo’n means the seat of the New Government.

The City of Elba was the first World Power to emerge after the Flood of Noah and is located about 25 miles south of Allepo.

Under the city of Elba - deep catacombs that span the globe that apparently teeming with Ancient Life.

So say they are the original Lucifarians and are “Dragon people.”

Madame Blavatski and the Teutonic Knights led us into believe that Workers of the Light worship the Black Sun and the Black God, as symbolized as the Swastika - the Symbol of a Stargate leading to a particular area.

The Black Sun Worship led to two organizations.

1) Thule Society - Worshipping the Black Sun and Lucifer the Light Giver dealing with Material Goods and formed the basis for the NAZI Party under Heinrich Himmler (SS) and Heinrich Mueller (Gestapo) - father of Robert Meuller of the FBI.

2) VRIL Society - concerned with the Esoteric Meaning of Lucifer and his technology. Their psychics are apparently in communication with an Aryan Race on Alpha Centauri and were promised great technology to conquer the Inferior Races.

Thus Hitler began killing the Romani (Gypsies), Jews and other non-Aryan Races.

Double Crossed the NAZIs were only able to do exactly what Alert Pike (Chief Free Mason, Worshipper of Lucifer the Light Giver) said they would do decades before.

As the Mason Predicted the Lucifarian Workers of the Light would lead us into the final conflict at Armageddon.

Elba -- being the Original World Power in 3500 AD was called Tell Mardik in Syrian nd El Al Mageddon in Hebrew.

When the Jews were formed as a Nation under Moses they took those names of Ancient ELBA and incorporated them into Palestine and build their own El Megeddo, with their own valley of Ar-Mageddo-n.

The first place to build a city and the last and final conflict to end Humanity.

Thus we think that the Valley of Armageddon is in Israel when in fact the Original Valley Of  The First Government Seat is just south of Aleppo - where forces of the US, Russia and China are meeting create the spark to start WW3.

This war is, of course, being fanned by the United Nations Fallen Angels who need to accomplish UN Agenda 21 as outlined by Madame Blavastski so long ago when discussing the Root Races.

Humanity must now parish to bring about the 6th Root Race on Planet Earth so we can Spiritually Advance. They will live on a Desert Planet and not be materialistic.

After the 6th Root Race is done Humanity will move to Mercury to complete their 7th Root Race and then we become like GOD as Lucifer shows us the light.

Both Madamme Blavatski and the former head of the Jesuits Hanz Kovlenback stated the White Race, if united they can stop us from implementing “THE PLAN” an therefore must be eliminated by any means necessary - poisoning, discrimination, mixing with darker races, etc.

All of those mentioned above hate the world Yeshua and are bound and determined to wipe the name of the Savior off the face of the Earth.


When Lucifer was thrown out of Heaven he arrived on a place called Mount Hebron and the doorway to his first Temple where he Sacrificed Humans was called Al Kada at a place called Tel-Dan.

All references to Tel-Dan are now being destroyed by Google.

Under Tel-Dan, as are under most cities - are deep catacombs lined with Human Sculls that are centuries old and wreak of evil. They are cold, damp, pitch black, the floors are slimy and go on forever.

Before the orthodox Church walled off the Catacombs in Kiev many people wound go into these caves and never return.

Something, or someone, has been literally bringing humans into these Tunnels for Millennium and eating them.

Whatever Lucifer is - it is Evil and united with something very evil that lives in these caves.

Hitler and the VRIL society discussed working with the Short Grays and the Underground Dragon people to acquire the technology of Ancient Atlantis to create their advanced Space Fleet we have all seen on the Internet.


It means that the Deep State - those who are still part of the NAZI Party - are now trying to implement the destruction of the Human Race by any means possible.

Perhaps by convincing us that the Battle of Armageddon is about to occur?

Perhaps by Nuking 3 or 4 American Cities and forcing our Auto Launch System to send out 50,000+ Nukes?

Perhaps by convincing the Evil Red Chinese Communist Party to start a Massive War?

Perhaps by shutting off our Financial Systems through storms, computer viruses, etc?


Join with us in prayer to first expose these Lucifarians, their Light Workers and Rainbow Workers.

Second - help us to shut these Lucifairans (Satanists) down permanently. Lucifer fears Prayer and Fears GOD, fears the name of Yeshua and hides in the shadows like a coward.

Finally - to be ready yourselves in case the entire system does come down for some period of time - a week, two weeks, or even 3 months.

Please pray for President Trump’s Safety and for the safety of the New Putin now being groomed.

The Wall of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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