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Pension Funds Across America Underwater - Forcing The Reset


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Pension Funds across America are completely underwater.

We began looking into a story about the (9/11 Early Responders) now getting cancer and dying.

Our goal was to send them cases of Sea Weed and Immusit - to treat these Firefighters for free.

We could not get through to any Retired New York Fire Department organization - and there are allot of them.

So we decided to look at the Financials of these Fire Department Pension Plans.

The New York Fire Fighters Pension Plan has $8.9 Billion in it but has issued over $9 Billion Dollars in bonds - as approved by the US Treasury Department.

This means that the New York Fire Fighters Pension Fund is upside down by over $3.1 Billion.

Well - what about other Pension Funds - like CALPERS for California State Workers.

Same thing. More bonds issued that assets.

OK - what about School Districts - every one we investigated has issued more bonds than their budget.

Pension Fund after Pension Fund, School District after School District - all have more bond debt than assets.

Over the last 40 years all of these Private Corporations - sorry  “Government Agencies” - have been allowed to issue huge amounts of Debt Notes (Bonds) to increase their income to - as we have determined - support Voter Fraud and the Demon-Cratic Party.

It is so bad in California that ALL School Bonds get no interest until the year 2054.

And we think US Bonds are safe as well?

We just had lunch with a fellow who has a friend that has a box of US Savings Bonds the US Treasury WILL NOT CASH.

The US Treasury Department has been continually defaulting on their loans now for over 5 years thanks to President Obama the Demon-Crats Lord and Savior.

We know that Russia will not cash their bonds either - even to one of their own “Bishops” and to one who holds Russian Passport AA--0029, or for an Ambassador.

Russia has been defaulting on their loans now for over 12 years.

This is why I burned the $42 Million Dollar Russian Bond.

So what about Corporations?

Unless they suck directly off of Our Tax Dollars - like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Amazon and Apple - their sales are falling and many of them are also upside down in terms ot Bonds vs. Company Assets.

This has all been allowed - no - Encouraged - by the US Treasury Department in Washington DC.

So say you have $450,000 in an IRA invested through an investment company - some in stocks, some in bonds.

1) First - YOUR money belongs to the bank, an these banks have lent out your money at least 100 times to create over $1,000 Trillion Dollars in Hedge Finds worth absolutely $0.

2) If the bank wishes it can freeze your account at any time for any reason - like they just did to a friend of mine for no reason. They froze his account for 2 weeks and then cancelled it.

He was lucky - they returned his money, but they told him they did not have to return his money.

3) If a company you are invested in is ever investigated for financial stability - and it is not dependant on the US Government for it’s money - it will simply vanish and so will your investment.

This was not the way it was when I got my First Financial License - nor was it this way when I gave it up 18 years ago.

Today - everything you invest in is some huge scam, a Ponzie Scheme meant to collapse leaving you Pennyless and holding an Empty Bag while the Elites laugh their heads off.

So in their Genius - President Trump was brought on board to help reset The World’s Monetary System.

Since the Gold Standard Vanished and prayer was eliminated in our school systems decades ago - things have rapidly gone down hill.

We all know how this will end - in Lucifer’s Utter Defeat but in the mean time we need to be ready for what is coming.

Please pray that this Reset happens very quickly and that Lucifer’s Minions are sent to the pit immediately and forever.


1) Facebook is building a War Room to destroy all those who report the Truth and seal the nation into the Demon-Cratic party and then destroy this planet.

Remember - UN Agenda 21 - THE PLAN - Complete Destruction of all Surface Dweller as outlined in FEMA’s Operation Devolution.

UN Director Quote: “You Must Love Pain And Destruction and THE PLAN to be a worker of the Light.

2) The Department of Justice is “Concerned” about Social Media Monopolies now working to destroy The Human Race.


Oh Jeff Sessions - those Nukes sitting in the LADA headed to vaporize YOU are still there.

3) Thousands of Illegal Aliens are getting off Welfare so they do not get thrown back into Mexico for being here Illegally.

4) The approval hearings to appoint Judge  Kavanaugh to the US Corporate Supreme Court was allowed to be disrupted by 70 FBI Paid Terrorists that were all arrested and released without charges.

President Trump is allowing us to  see the Demon-Cratic Party as it really is right before the November Elections.

Remember - it’s not how you vote - but who counts the votes that counts.


We warned the Japanese Government that they would get hit hard over and over again and, just like at Fukushima, and they ignored us.

For some reason the leaders of the Japanese Government - Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Emperor Akihito - want the Japanese People to suffer and die.

All we can do is warn them.

Please pray for President Trump’s Safety and that those following GOD are ready for what is about to come.

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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