Tuesday, September 11, 2018

False Flag May Signal Reset


(1281) False Flag May Signal Reset - YouTube


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There is currently a Fake Chemical Attack being filmed in Syria for release to the Lame Street Media later this afternoon - on 9/11.

The attack is yet another attempt to start a Massive world Conflict to bring about The Financial RESET.

As the US Treasury bears down hard on Gold and Silver dealers there is a huge push to break the Supply Chain world wide.

Unfortunately there are dozens of nations where there supply chains seems to be “Seizing Up.”

Nations like Brazil, Argentina and all across Europe as the Deep State prepares us for a Supply Chain Break Down.

Fortunately - for the sake of making money - so many people are fighting back and ignoring these attempts.



1) When will this US Dollar RESET really occur?

2) What happens to OUR investment during the RESET?

3) Should you convert some of your Paper Money to hard assets like Gold?

4) If there is a disaster should some of your Gold be in a Vault in Texas?

5) Is Gold better than silver, Palladium and Platinum?

6) the US Mint Can’t Deliver On Silver Eagles - No Silver

7) Finally  - The Velocity of money has slowed to a ridiculously low level as the Feds buy stocks and Bonds just to  prop up the markets.


Collin - you ARE the expert

What does this all mean?

Please pray for President Trump’s Safety and that he is successful in keeping the American Supply Chain from breaking all together as we go into this reset.

The Wall of Truth

William B. Mount

With my friend Collin
Call them at:


Staged Filming of Mock 'Chemical Attacks' Has Begun in Idlib - Russian MoD - Sputnik International

US Reportedly Reinforces Base in E Syria Amid Looming Idlib Offensive - Sputnik International

Global Trade Hit By Rare Decline As "Supply Chains Seize Up" | Zero Hedge

European Firms Hit Hard By U.S. Sanctions On Iran | OilPrice.com

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