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Reset - The End Of The World As We Know it


Reset - The End Of The World As We Know it - YouTube


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This Coming Reset is the end of everything as we know it.

The reason we are stuck on discussing this reset is we know several Gold Dealers, one being a very close friend,  and the Feds are spooking them and we feel the day is coming very soon when Gold and Silver will be unavailable.

(((The average FIAT Currency lasts 27 years. Some - 6 months, others 100 years - but they all crash.

The US has lasted now for 46 years and may die by January, but we do not know - do we?)))


1) Paper money is created, and backed up on a computer.

2) As the economy grows the Government raises Taxes to feed the Elites.

3) The Elites stash this money in other, more stable currencies off shore.

4) Increased taxes create higher prices - Inflation

Inflation - Taxation without representation

5) Taxes are again raised to support a larger government, and give the Elite Deep State more resources.

6) Government creates regulations and taxation to shut down businesses - they steal  like the mob, or the Mafia.

They call it: Legitimate Business Practices

7) Businesses shut down, the nation imports good.

8) More money is created to pay the National debts.

9) Greater Inflation leading to Hyper Inflation

10) The Elites in the Deep State buy Gold, Silver, and food and wait for the Economic Shut down

Many Fiat Currencies last 1 month, many 30 or 40 years - but they all eventually crash.


The US, Argentina, Venezuela and most of the world is now at Number 10 as the Elites suck up all they can get in terms of gold, silver and food.

The only difference here in the US is that the US Military is used to force other nations to buy our debt as the “World Currency.”

The US Army is in Afghanistan - for example - to ensure that $1.6 Trillion Dollars of Illegal Opium is traded using the US Dollar.

That will end soon and the US will need to face itself.

Those with Gold and Silver and Food will survive well. Those without it will suffer horribly.

What comes out at the other end will be unrecognizable by any of us.


China is now implementing a Gold Backed Yuan so the US Dollar will no longer be the “Sole World Currency.“

This may be a World Wide shut down as credit is pulled by these Deep State Bankstas - which is why all of the Elites are building bunkers world wide to hide in.

One last reason one might consider buying Gold and Silver and perhaps leaving it in a Gold Vault.

If you are over 50 you may be facing some real medical challenges.

Navigating your way through this menagerie of Rules and Regulations can be very tough.

You can put you home in an Irrevocable Living Trust to protect it - at the cost of several thousand dollars.

If you suddenly incur huge medical bills your IRA, your CD, your bank accounts, your Annuities, etc.  can be seized to pay these debts.

Gold and Silver secured in either your, Safe or Noble Gold’s Secure Vault, is untouchable to debt collectors and bankruptcy courts.

However - if you go to sell it if the amount is over $600 you must report it on an IRS form as “Income.”

So while your income may be seized the moment your paycheck or Social Security arrives in your bank you can live on your Gold and Silver and Stored Food.

Last year I went into the Hospital for 22 days - injured for ….. reasons most of you know.

After over $300,000 in Medical Bills we had to navigate our way through it and it was not easy.

They can seize all your assets but they cannot seize a home in an Irrevocable Living Trust or your Gold and Silver. Everything else is on the table.

So maybe you need to convert your  assets into something that cannot be seized.

Call Noble Gold Investments. com

At 877-646-5347


You have an underground society with 5 million people in it and you set these Elites up to get youR resources and dig your tunnels and set up your underground world.

Once you are self sufficient you destroy the Surface Dwellers, right?

Your Elite Deeps
 State people figure they will then live off of you as your “Elites.”

Surprise - the Elites and Politicians are no longer needed and will be - shall we say - disposed of.

For Example: The US Congressional Underground Bunker is fully stocked with foood, water, a source of power, washing facilities, toilets, entertainment,  and Cyanide Gas in Red and Green Containers. The doors shut, the war begins, and YOU never wake up.

This was described to me by an Elite many, many years ago. There underground bunkers will be their tombs.

Either we learn to cooperate as a planet or we cease as a planet.

Pray for President Trump’s Safety

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


The 5 stage life cycle of a fiat currency

Is This Time Different for the Dollar? | Resource Investor

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