Thursday, January 4, 2018

Who Is The Deep State - How Dangerous Are They

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(37) What Is The Deep State & How Dangerous Are They - YouTube

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What is the DEEP STATE and how do you change it so that America can once again Thrive.

This is a very easy question once the pieces of the Puzzle are put together. The Public sees the Presidents and Ambassadors - acting Presidents. The Presidents and Ambassadors see the Public and see above into the Deep State. So here it is:

1) The Deep State is run by the Major Defense Contractors which run the Secret Space Program - like Lockheed Martin.

They do not use Tax Dollars and simply create Digital Dollars on a Computer. They are the Masters, we are the Slaves. There job is to keep us stupid, distracted and fighting among ourselves so we never learn the truth.

Taxes do not run the Government - they are simply used to control people. The Feds - for example - own over $600 Trillion Dollars in stocks, Bonds and other liquid assets and earn over $12 Trillion per year in direct payments - 2% -  translated into a: “2% Growth.


Keep in mind: $12 Trillion is 2% of $600 Trillion.

2) Directly under them is the Office of Personnel Management - a Private Corporation. They then determine how dollars are sent out and spent. They primarily control two more corporations:

…..a) Serco

They run most of the Corporate Interactions in America plus all News Stories and False Flags. Serco Employees, for example, worked with FEMA and the City of Dupont to blow the Amtrak Train off of it’s tracks just South of Seattle on 17 December.

…..b) Senior Executive Services.

 Their roll is to appoint 8,156 Senior Executives to run the various US “Departments” and act as Go Betweens from the White House to the Executive Branch.

The Politicians who appoint their own Executive Departments are merely appointees that look good.

What President Trump is trying to do is not only change the White House Executive Department Personnel but also reappoint decent people to run both the Office of Personnel Management but also those appointed by the Executive Services Department.

Based on the Mess the last President left it will take until 20 January 2020 to get rid of those 3 year appointees.

What is left today are about 7,000 Executives (Non-GS Employees - Private Contractors) that were appointed by President Obama who’s goal is remains to both start a Major Nuclear conflict using the Puppet Regimes in Syria, Iran, and North Korea and to Take America Down.

Remember - ALL World Leaders are chipped and can be killed in a matter of Minutes no matter where they are.


What this means its that for the next 3 years these Obama Appointees will try and destroy as much as they can until they are fully replaced.

However - In accordance with the recent National Emergency Act passed by President Trump 21 December he may “displace” anyone he sees fit at any time and he is doing just that.

We will see three months of Massive Confusion and - if the President Stays the course - a whole lot of arrests beginning 1 April.

Exactly how the President deals with the dollar being replaced by the Gold Backed Yuan will determine how good of a President he really is. Until then - we will have to put up with really stupid thinking Lefty Loonies as they attempt to destroy America and Freedom.


A) Chelsea Clinton tweeted Happy New Year to the Church of Satan.

B) An NSA Contractor stole 50 Terra Bites of Information from NASA and after 20 years is finally being brought to court over the matter.

C) Dow Jones Industrial Average tops 25,000 despite the stocks in the Dow going down.

D) Brick and Mortar meltdown reaches theater. Movie watching at Theaters has been declining for over a decade and the Movies get worse and worse.

E) President Trump finally dissolved another Useless Organization called the Election Fraud Commission. He would have to dissolve 100 Commissions a day to even make a dent.

F) Attorney Jeff Sessions reversed the past Presidential Policy of letting states Legalize Dope so Dope Stocks fell.

This means that smoking Dope in California, Washington etc is still illegal.

G) Washington State’s Attorney’s General Bob Ferguson is illegally Suing the Feds in court because ICE seized Motel 6 records of who stayed at their hotels.

USC 18 calls that Treason

H) Two days ago I he heard an interview on KIRO radio with Attorney Lincoln Bouregard (?)  -  an attorney involved in defending one of the 5 Rape Victims of the Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and this attorney really believes that  these 5 Rape Victims came forward as part of a Right Wing conspiracy to take down this Lefty Mayor.

He really does seem to have the Lefty Looney Disease. His client settled for an Out Of Court settlement paid for by the City of Seattle of $150,000.

I) In an interview with a “Guest”  on a local radio station this morning about the Riots in Iran the guest could not wrap his mind around the fact that the riots were created by the elimination of Welfare. He too has the Lefty Loony Disease.

So hang on and be ready for anything as the Lefty Loonies are drained from the Swamp.

Pray for President Trump’s safety as those who stand in his way will fall to the wayside - so GOD has said it - so it shall be.

I really hope you heard that leaders of Iran and North Korea




YOU make the difference. We can not emphasize that enough.





Please pray that your families and prepare for any emergency.


This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

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Dr William B. Mount




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