Thursday, January 11, 2018

Soc Sec Recommends Cuts Across The Board - 21%

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(95) Social Security Recommends Benefit Cuts Across The Board - 21% - YouTube


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1) What is Social Security?

Social Security is a Private Insurance Corporation formed by the US Congress in 1935 to provide pensions to those who pay into the system - a sort of forced retirement system.

A second type of Insurance was added that pays the Salary of those who are physically injured on the job.

Unfortunately - within - months of being formed Congress started stealing money from this Insurance Company for all sorts of Projects - from bridges to housing for Illegal Aliens.

2) Social Security Trust Fund:

As an Insurance Company owned by the English Royal family there is NO Social Security Trust Fund as all moneys simply go into the Stewart Trust to England, which currently contains over $100 Trillion Dollar.

So when someone discusses the Social Security Trust Fund - they are lying.

3) Political Tool:

As far back as I can remember the words “Cut Social Security Benefits” have always been followed by “Raising Taxes.”  Every year some politician scares us into thinking that unless we raise taxes older people will die.

4) Where it went wrong.

Social Security is now used to fund all sorts of things - like Mental Disabilities, Drug Rehabilitation, Refugee Pay ($4,500/Mo) and Physical & Mental Disabilities not caused by Job related Injuries, and Building Projects - like Salishan in Tacoma - which includes a Free  Education Center, Free Health Care Facility housing for what is almost entirely made up of Immigrants who do not speak English.

The intent here under Cloward Pivens Democratic Model is simply to destroy Social Security.

5) Recommended Cuts:

As more and more welfare programs are added to Social Security the Administration that oversees this Corporation recommends more and more cuts across the board.

Last year this Board recommended a 23% cut across the board.

This year they are recommending a 21% cut across the board.

5) Probable Future For Social Security

The likely hood of cuts to retired folks in Social Security is unlikely under the current Administration.

However - what we are likely to see under President Trump is the following:

…..a) Hyper Inflation of 25% In food prices - which we have seen for the last 10 years.

…..b) A 2% raise in Social Security to the Retires and Mental Cases, a 6% Increase to Refugees and Illegal Aliens, and a 0% raise to those who were Physically Disabled as a result of a job related injury.

…..c) President Trump is likely to Clean Up Social Security and bring the Program back in line as to it’s Original Purpose - in this way making the program flush with cash. Under President Trump’s program real increases would be seen by those who are retired and Physically Disabled as a result of Physical Injuries incurred on the job. Please pray that President Trump can implement his plan immediately.

Remember - it is all Digital Dollars and the can be manipulated in any way the Directors of Social Security wish to.

…..d) One last category - there are those who were Mentally Injured as a Direct result of their jobs through Mental or Physical Abuse like Rape.   Although not covered by the Original Social Security Contract there needs to be some consideration of this today. As we are finding that combat PTSD  and Rape literally change the structure of the brain and are therefore real Physical Injuries.


1) Wanna get chipped?

The worlds largest Biometric ID System is in India and is called Aadhar and keeps getting hacked. In fact - access to their entire data base costs around $10 US Dollars.

 Data includes everything on everyone chipped - from names, addresses, Social Security Numbers, Medical Records, etc. The database includes data on 1.2 Million People world wide.

I suppose the fact that All US Active Duty, Reserve Personnel records are given away by the VA for grant money is small in comparison.

2) Google’s new Fact Check System is now targeting conservative websites. All those useless ads on the right are now added by Google to destroy those who tell the truth.


3) Microsoft (CIA) is now Blackmailing every computer user and stating that your computer will receive no more Security Updates unless your Anti Virus Program is compatible with Microsoft’s New Antivirus.

In other words - you will buy a Microsoft Antivirus ofr face a Complete Computer Melt Down.

This is why we buy Virtual Shield - to prevent this targeting of our computer.

Pray that those who are involved in this threat are Neutralized or repent immediately.

4) In great news it appears that over half the staff of the EPA will retire over the next 7 years. Please pray that President Trump can trim our Federal Budget by 50% over the next year.

If we get a New Shiest Dollar (As Jim Willie Calls It) soon President Trump will have no choice a it is these Departments and Agencies that are responsible for the Trade Deficit.

5) As promised - more raids on Immigration by the President. Ice raided over 100 - 7/11s a few days ago for Illegal Aliens working there.

We know an awful lot of Legal Immigrants who could use a job - so why hire illegals?

6) President Trump has announced he will go the Annual  meeting in Davos Switzerland (Just Above the Bohemian Grove) January 23-26. If these Demon Possessed nutcases associated with the Davos Meeting touch the President the Living God will destroy them and their entire families So HE has said it, so it shall be.   


What you are about to hear is a very touchy subject so bare with me.

First - the Attack on President Trump we discussed is now verified and occurred on the morning of 4 January 2018 - just like we said it would back in September of 2017.

It was apparently a very complicated attack thwarted by some very good people. All they needed was the time and the US agencies involved.

 GOD is never wrong.

Second - there will yet another Unscheduled and sloppy attack  scheduled for 29/30 (+-3 Days) January - a “Make Shift” one. Code name sounds like “Slazerback”

It is highly recommended that Air Force One be accompanies by fighters on the President’s Trip to look at the Mexican wall prototypes - not a joke.

Further - it is highly recommended that his Secret Security Staff begin carrying Small Hand Held Missile Launchers capable of taking out Small Drones - similar to what MBA made 40 years ago - called “Rocket Pistols.” Rather than using bullets they use small Heat sensative Rockets that travel at around 650 MPH.

This makes 15 for Trump and if his Direct Staff does not make a Positive Physical Contact with me and begin working with me then the Living GOD will have the President Himself take a Hard Hit Very, Very soon but it will not effect him physically or in his performance as US Corporate President. So GOD has said it, so it shall be.

One last thing on this note - President Putin, Hang Close to home over the next 3 weeks. No Diplomatic Meetings unless it is with your own Governors of National Presidents.

Pray for President Trump’s safety as those who stand in his way will fall to the wayside - so GOD has said it - so it shall be.




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