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Largest Financial Scam Busted - Effects 200 Million

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(199) Huge Financial Scam Effects 200 Millllion People - YouTube


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The biggest Financial Scam in history is effecting 200 Million People is now being unwound in China.

This great nation of China - which is now selling the Petro-Yuan to displace the Petro-Dollar, apparently has been wracked with Financial Scams in the last few years.

First - In January of 2016 it was announced that China had arrested 21 people who had committed a $7.6 Billion Dollar theft at Ezubao and that 900,000 people had their investments stolen.

In April of last year it broke that Chinese Minsheng Bank was involved in a $436 Million Dollar Fraud Case for selling Fixed Maturity Plans (Stocks) that did not even exist.

Yesterday it was announced that the Qbao Online Bank was a huge Ponzi Scheme that bilked almost 200 Million Investors out of their investments.

Unlike the US though - the remaining funds will be distributed back to these investors - whatever the can find.

The head of this Online Bank - which is licensed and controlled by the Chinese Central Bank - Qboa Bank stole an estimated $11 Billion Dollars in less than 2 years from these investors.

Zhang Xiaolei- the owner of the bank - and Ding Ning the architect of this ponzi scheme - were arrested and immediately given life time sentences without  the possibility of parole.

So or than likely they will expose everhting in exchange for a nicer Prison Sentence.

So as the Chinese bring forth the  Petro-Yuan and begin replacing the Petro-Dollar just keep this in mind.

The corporations involved in this new Trade in the Yuan include:

1) One Belt One Road Corporation

2) Asia Infra-structure Investment Bank - AIIB

3) BRICK New Development Bank - NDB

4) Asian Development Fund Corp

5) Shanghai Oil-Gold Futures Contract

6) Shanghai RMB-Oil Futures Contract

7) BRICS Gold Platform Corp

8) Holy Grail Energy Deal - Where Russia is now supplying China with oil in exchange for Yuans

9) Shanghai Cooperative Organization Corp - SCO

10) Union Pay Credit Card Corp - Which has more users than Master Card and Visa combined.

11) The Cross Boarder Infrastructure Payment System Corp - who’s website you arte no longer able to go to and us now blocked by the CIA/Google.

It’s website is: CIPS.CO.CN

As you can see this is a very complicated road the Chinese are now going down.

If, and when, the Gold backed Yuan hits the market we may see a large decrease the dollar value world wide - as much as 90%. Already we are seeing large increases in prices at the grocery store.

Since the CIA is blocking all info on the CIPS Corporation - when this hits it will hit hard and fast so be ready.

Stay tuned to both Jim Willie and Noble Gold for what is really going on in the market.

We discuss investing in Gold and Silver so now may be a great time to call Noble Gold.


1) Following is a link to a formerly Top Secret FISA Court Investigation that clearly shows President Obama spying on then Candidate Trump.

We used to call this Treason.

2) The Frequency Activated Ebola Virus now in Australian Wheat is now manifesting itself  in Humans as the Australian Flu.

In an attempt to sell more vaccines to help fund ISIS through the Iraqi Health Minister  - the CDC just announced that 100 Americans are dying of the flu every week.

Unfortunately this “New Australian Flu Virus” is not stopped by getting a vaccination containing last years flu virus. So hang on - it could get rather rough.

Apparently President Trump has a whole lot more Swamp Draining to do so pray he is successful.

3)  Colorado’s Zombie Deer Disease is nothing more that HIV. In fact - this is where they got the Original HIV Virus - it was called Sheep Wasting Disease.

If you have been exposed to it then go to the video : MOUNT THE CURE FOR LYME’S DISEASE and you will recover.

4) There is a State of Emergency now declared by the Governor of  Jamaica due to huge amounts of armed Violence. It is highly recommended you do not go there for any vacation until it is stopped.

The US State Department refuses to recognize this and put out any warnings to Americans.

This intense violence is now also  occurring in every Western European Nation that has Muslim Immigrants - such as Paris and Berlin.

5) A former Federal Investigator,  Joe diGenova,  painted a clear picture in an interview about a “Brazen Plot” to exonerate Hillary and Frame President Trump with a False Russian Conspiracy.

6) The FBI has just announced it has lost 5 months of Text Messages between Anti-Trump Agents as released by the Government Affairs Committee - I mean the SERCO Corp - there to destroy America.

SERCO Corp - funded by the GSA and OUR tax Dollars - simply lies to confuse you - make you doubt.

These text messages were not lost and are stored in 14 major computers world wide - one in Utah, one under Denver, one in Russia, one in Iran….

7) Finally - Amazon is now opening it’s first fully automated store - no check out stands.

You register a Credit card with your ID and as you walk through the store the cameras identify you and whatever you walk out of the store with you just bought.

There are allot of problems to be worked out - but this appears to be the wave of the future.

Imagine - if you will - walking into say - Walmart and walking out without never having to go through the Check Out Stand.

It’s coming.

Pray for President Trump’s safety as those who stand in his way will fall to the wayside - so GOD has said it - so it shall be.




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CIPS Operator

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