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FISA Memo - Guess Who's Going To jail?

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(181) FISA Memo Exposed - Guess Who's Going To Jail - YouTube

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Years ago I got involved in the Political Mess with only one thought: Fight Battles for our Veterans.

So way back when I worked with Senator Murray to get Agent Orange, Blue, White and Purple recognized by the US Supreme Court. They were listed in the US Army Herbicide Manual in 1972 and could not be denied.

In 2006  I got on my knees and asked GOD what I can do for HIM.

Several weeks later I found myself entangled in not only Plots to kill Presidents but Nuclear False Flags meant to start full-scale Nuclear Wars.

The people we have been up against have not been - shall we say - very nice. Remember - they’re leaders are Fallen Angels who worship Lucifer and wish this planet destroyed.

 We soon took this fight to TV and the Internet and along the way many people literally woke up and have joined our cause of preserving this planet.

Eventually You Tube allowed me to create a Channel and continue toe fight here.

We have had the assistance of people like Julian Assange in Wikileaks, many in the US and Russian Intelligence Services, the Chinese Intelligence Service, men like Benjamin Fulford and Will Wilson and many more.

It is coming out that a kid named Kane Gamble not only penetrated the Private Emails of the CIA Director under President Obama and has also sent these Private Emails and texts to Wikileaks of hundreds of people involved in the plot to destroy this planet.

It is all being laid bare for everyone to see - From Hillary’s Insurance Policy to the FBI Director’s (Meuller) plot to torch off Huge Nukes across this planet.

Everything is being laid bare - from those who killed President Kennedy to those who just tried to kill President Trump 4 January 2018 and the plot to kill him 29/10 January - in 8 days (+-3).

Apparently President Obama #4 felt pretty smug when he had busted the 2 American kids he thought were responsible for these leaks a year ago - kids Wired magazine called:  “Crackas With Attitude”

Led by some of those White Hats in the British Intelligence - they used a kid named Kane Gamble to expose everything  and everyone and covered his tracks well.

Now with over 2 million documents in Wikileaks - including the Private Emails of the former CIA Directors - it’s all coming out.

Luke 8: For there is nothing  hidden that will not be revealed, everything concealed will be brought to light.

Keep in mind that this is not about taking out President Trump but about cracking this planet in half - literally.

We are fighting for our lives here - literally - and many in the Intelligence Agencies are now wide awake and wish a better world for their Grand Children.

One thing about Criminals - they always blame someone else and they all singing like Canaries. So the people you see on this chart on Sorcha are exposing everything in an attempt to save their own hides.

From Peter Fritzon of Fusion GPS to Loretta Lynch Former US Attorney‘s General - they are all spilling the beans as they are confronted with their Own Text Messages and Private Secure Emails.

If you go to the search engine TOR - all is accessible, just look.

So this particular article on Sorcha reveals the Hillary Insurance Policy and what is about to be revealed in this FISA letter - and other accompanying documents - will shock you to the core.

An Entire Presidential Administration bent on not only starting a Nuclear War but on destroying Planet Earth - from Poisonous Chemtrails to GMOs, from Wars to outright Murder.

Truth is truly more interesting  than fiction.


1)  Many Republicans have gone home for the weekend after the performance of Chuckie Schummer on the floor of Congress. If he and his Democratics want to personally be responsible for laying off 850,000 Government Employees - let the world see them for who they are.

This, however, is a distraction put forth by SERCO to hide what is now being exposed across the globe - the actions of those wishing to destroy Planet Earth - by name and by action.

2) Another Fake Missile Alert went out in Japan on Tuesday about Missile being fired at Japan from North Korea and was broadcast on NHK - Japans Public Broadcaster.

Apparently this is their Second Alert as they broadcast a Fake Missile Alert back in August of last year and no one got fired.

3) Former FBI Director Lying James Comey is teaching a Class in Ethics at the College of William and Mary in Washington DC.

What is amazing is the Adults who pay for their kids to go to college their land learn the Lies of Lucifer.

4) It is now snowing in all 50 states as vice President Al Gore goes into Hibernation. In fact - 52% of the nation was covered in snow as of this morning.

5) Pope Francis is now telling Sexual Abuse Victims - those raped by Priests and Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church - they are Committing Slander by telling the truth.

Speaking to a crowd of over 400,000 people in Santiago he stated that Bishop Juan Barros was removed from the Ministry for his crimes in Karadima - but not punished or ex-communicated.

Apparently a Bishop can never be thrown out of the church but they can be punished - sent to a Monastery like Prison for the rest of their lives.

If this ever happened in a Russian Orthodox Church the Bishop would be stoned - not kidding.

If you are catholic - do not let the actions of a few Priests and Bishops destroy your faith in GOD.  Just be aware of what is going on.


6) Ho Hum - Women’s marches across the nation. These women’s riots are not what they were in the 60’s.

No Bra Burnings
No Streakers
No Cop Cars Burned
No Arrests Of These Terrorists
No Fun At All

We are not impressed.

A Personal Note to President Putin - Only the Appointed Duke Of Saint Petersburg can invoke the power of Yeshua as this is written by both the Masons and in your own Orthodox Literature.

Your Invokation of the Power of Christ on Epiphany will fall on deaf ears, so HE has said it, so it shall be.

This is exactly what King Solomon did - he tried to invoke the Power Of GOD himself in 931 BC and look what happened to him?

 You have knowingly “Dishonored” GOD by doing this Vane Act. I ask you now to make amends or God must then act.

Pray for President Trump’s safety as those who stand in his way will fall to the wayside - so GOD has said it - so it shall be.




YOU make the difference. We can not emphasize that enough.





Please pray that your families and prepare for any emergency.


This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

This is YOUR channel where about 90% of the stories come from YOU

Often times I have another story read to go - but since is YOUR channel we report on what YOU have asked for.

YOU have a voice

The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount


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