Monday, January 8, 2018

DOJ Investigations Now Turn On Clintons

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(63) DOJ Now Investigates The Clintons - YouTube

Brought to you by Get The Tea, who’s products I eat every day. Pray we can interview the owner  this weeks and let you know how to counter these poisons they are using against us.

During the historical meeting at Camp David there was a real unity felt as the goals for the next 7 years were laid out to all of the Leaders on this planet.

The first change announced by  President Trump was that the  Russian Collusion Investigation against the President is DOA.

However - these is now overwhelming evidence clearly implicating the Clintons in a Russian Collusion - along with taking Campaign Funds from at least a Dozen Foreign Leaders - all carry a charge of Treason since it led to the selling out of Uranium Mine to a Foreign President.

So the President has now announced that both Congress and the Department of Justice will focus on a “Russian Collusion” investigation against the Clinton Foundation, the last President and the Frazzled Rat,  and all of it’s donors.

Further - in a Great Move, President Trump rescinded Executive Order 13522 issued by the Last Treasonous President December 2009 and thus abolishes the “National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations” - a Council used to funnel moneys from Federal  Pension Funds to the now Treasonous DNC.

Further - the Department of Justice will now begin investigations as to exactly where the Pension Fund Moneys have gone and those who authorized using these funds for Political Purposes may find a Cozy Room at the GITMO Hotel in Cuba.


Keep in mind that the actions of the Assistant Director of the DNC yesterday now classifies the DNC as a “Terrorist Organization,“ along with it’s Donors.

This rescinding of this Executive Order also allows the President now to disband Federal Unions - who’s donations have padded the pockets of the Democratic (NAZIs) for decades thus stripped the employees of their Pension Funds.

In a vain attempt to counter the President these Traitors are formenting a Woman’s March all across the country on 20 January 2018. Although not illegal to organize a march - when it turn violent then it is the responsibility of the FBI Girlies to arrest those who created the event and charge them with Treason - minimum Sentence of 20 years.

If these Protesters block roads, throw rocks, etc. and the Police Chiefs do not arrest them then the Police Chiefs and Mayors will also be found Guilty of Treason.

GITMO will soon be full and used as a Stopping Off Point for other Prisons - Like Tent City in Arizona.

So overall - a Great Day for President Trump.

In other news - as the President is now opening up our Arctic and Oceans to Drilling for Oil and Natural Gas as the World’s National Debts have reached $233 Trillion.

What happens outside the US effects all of us, but the First Priority of the President is to cancel our Trade Deficit of over $50 Billion per year and the fastest way to do that is to produce clean, cheap Crude Oil and Coal.

Once these Exports begin to occur in mass and the US Trade Deficit goes away then the National Debt will be worked on.

The problem is this - the Clinton’s messed up the Accounting methods so badly that to “Look Good” and claim he had a Federal Budget Surplus that he began spending money that was not collected for years.

As we speak our 2018 Dollars used to fund the US Government are using Dollars not collected until the year 2023 - which means the real US Govt. Deficit is around $40 Trillion, not $22 Trillion.

So this World Debt of $233 Trillion may be actually much higher. This Debt  was designed to keep on rising as it has grown by well over $50 Trillion over the last Decade and there seems to be no end in sight.

During recent negotiations in Japan The Rothchilds and their allies became furious that the control of the Financial World be taken away from them. If they do not yield many of them may be removed from Planet Earth Post Haste - So GOD has said it, so it shall be.

As for paying off this Computerized Digital Debt if the REAL Moneys found in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Plans were released just here in this country the entire Debt inside of the US could be paid off in 1 hour - and there would be enough left over to pay for every mortgage world wide.

Do the math. 

We shall see how President Trump handles this incredible world of Debt we now find ourselves in.

Loozifer - you have lost and the Living GOD is exposing your minions and neutralizing them. So he has said it - so it shall be.


1) By request of a many viewers we will now show where the jobs were created here in the United States in December of last year:

…a) Construction: 30,000

.b) Leisure and Hospitality: 29,000

…c) Education and Health: 28,000

…d) Manufacturing: 25,000

...e) Temp Help: 19,000

…g) Retail: -20,300

It is expected that retail jobs will fall tremendously over the next year.

If you are Unemployed and want a Job immediately go to a Temp Agency, wear a Suit and Tie, and you will more than likely find work.

Then - apply to go back to school for something like Truck Driving, X-Ray Technician - something with allot of Job Openings.

There is no guarantee of the future but sitting around and Comiserating is just not the way to be.

One of the most versatile jobs that can be carried any where is to be a waiter or Bar Tender.

Although I do not drink - it seems that Bartending is pretty universal World Wide.

Remember - it is easy to find another job while you are working, but hard if you are unemployed.

A steady Temp Job is a job.

In our Final Story:
One of the biggest reasons for bringing Muslims into other nations is to kill the Jews.

There still exists among these NAZI Leaders like Angela Merkel of German and the DNC a huge hate for Jews. They call it Antisemitism.

Why round them up when you can use misdirected Muslims to do the job.

A real Muslim who would read the Koran would leave the Jews alone.

So here in Paris we see Jews leaving in mass and the Muslim Soldiers (Males 20-35) are imported into Europe to literally create Havoc and kill Jews.

Please pray that the Muslims - who wish to overturn every Government in the world - are sent back to their Homeland and that they can find work and that the either repent or are neutralized immediately.

Pray for President Trump’s safety as those who stand in his way will fall to the wayside - so GOD has said it - so it shall be.




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Global Debt Hits Record $233 Trillion, Up $16Tn In 9 Months | Zero Hedge

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