Friday, January 26, 2018

As America Turns From God Our Economy Collapses

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(115) America's Economic Decline Now Accelerating - YouTube


It seems that in every society a moral decline is always followed by an Economic Decline. From Rome to the great English Empire - First people turn away from GOD and then their economy follows.

Lucifer has a set way of taking a morally straight nations, corrupting it, and then throwing it to the dogs. He knows every word in the Bible is true and he has used it to support his Perversions for years.

Zero Hedge published an article discussing this and gave 5 examples of where this nation is today.

Keep in mind that in 1978 working at college I brought home $10 an hour and gas was $1 a gallon and coffee was 25 cents.

Here are the 5 Pathologies they gave as an Example:

1) Schools Are Degenerating Quickly. There were 11 School Shootings in the last 23 days. This means we are set for around 170 School Shootings in America in 2018 and no one is raising an alarm because it is almost 100% Black on Black shootings. We seem to be oblivious to people killing people.

2) Mass abuse of Drugs. From Marijuana to Opium Drugs shipped in from China and Afghanistan through the US Post Office - it seems that almost every American over 50 is hooked on some type of Mind Altering Drug.

The VA, For Example - 98% of all appointments there are for those who claim to be Mentally Disabled. Those physically injured in War or Training are swept aside for those demanding Mind Altering Drugs like LSD - Prozac - and the VA does nothing to reverse this.

3) Nomadic Retirees - those who need to earn more money just to eat.

As Social Security gets sucked up by Illegal Aliens the Real Retirement left for those who have worked all their lives is just too small.

Large numbers of Retirees are now  living in their cars chasing whatever low wage jobs they can find - from Amazon Warehouse Work to Walmart Greeters at Christmas.

4) Children are no longer taking care of their Parents. The TV and Mandatory Schooling has taught them that the Government will take care of their parents and they need to look for their own future.

GOD has been replaced through the  Television the Government by Money.

5) American’s seem to be Oblivious to what is happening around them.

Their New GOD - the Dollar - seems to decline in value daily as they scramble for fewer and fewer dollars.

They also ignore the 3 Million Babies aborted yearly because 98% of them are non-white.

Further - We ignore the Human Sacrifices committed by these Satanists (Lucifarians). I have a neighbor nearby who does this monthly. He gave up his eternal soul for a 1,000 Square Foot House and a small retirement.

According to James Dobsin, Focus On The Family, he stated back in 1986 America sacrifices over 50,000 Children a year to Lucifer in Human Sacrifices. Today’s Estimate are 3 times that in 1986 - not including our Useless Wars around the world which act as more  Human sacrifices to feed the Demons.

America has turned into a Shameless Godless Society and as we turn away from the Principles GOD has given us we will see a large Economic Decline that even President Trump cannot stop.

So now we must, according to GOD’s Word, see a huge decline in our Economy due to our lack of Morality. There is no way to get around it. GOD has stated it, so it will happen.

Pastor Lindsey Williams was on coast to Coast a few nights ago and he discussed what is coming to America - what the Elites have planned.

He said if we can adapt ourselves to the New World Order we will do well financially. If not - we will be left behind and end up living on the streets.

To this end Jane and I are now pursuing Trade Genius to do this. We have made more money Following their advice than we make in our own Retirements.

 Pastor Williams also said the Elites are getting their hands on as much Gold and Silver as they can in preparation for some event and that President Trump is working very hard against these Lucifarian Nutcases.

This is why we sponsor Noble Gold.

The Primary thing President Trump is doing is stabilizing the Dollar by allowing America to produce so much Cheap Oil we are displacing Oil Sales from all of the Arabian Nations - Making this Nation an Economic Power House as America has enough Oil within our Boarders to supply the word for the next 200 years.

The Elites, however, will force debt so high that we will eventually have to come to them and bow to their will in order to eat.

Sound familiar?

Does not Deuteronomy clearly states that as we turn away from GOD and the TV and Government Morals displace God’s we will see Massive Debts, Plagues like HIV, Economic Decline and Food Production Decline as we are over run buy foreigners.

In other words - the UN Implements the Cloward-Pivens model and we head towards implementing  THE PLAN. This means the Total Economic Collapse and Massive Wars to “Awaken Our Souls.”


1) Master Card now implementing the new Biometrics Card - Tying in Finger Prints, Eye Scans and DNA to their new cards.

Visa is next.

2) Russia has announce it is launching a New Russian Crypto Currency called the CryptoRuble.

This comes on the heels of the fact that $400 Million in Bitcoins were just stolen through Coinbase - an exchange where you can buy Cryptos.

3) The recent 9.2 Alaska Earthquake effected Water Levels as far away as Florida. A rise in the level of the Aquifer in a well near Macdison Florida went from 41.59 to 41.77 feet, while in Fort Lauderdale Florida it went form 1.42 feet to 1.31 feet.

Perhaps these Earthquakes are being used to shift Water and oil from nation to nation?

Please pray that the truth comes out at every level and those blocking the truth either change or are Neutralized immediately.

4) A former Teen Model has now accused Magician David Copperfield of raping her when she was 17. Why she waited 29 years to make the accusations is unknown.

Just a little word to the wise - If you accuse a Lucifarian High ranking Witch of Rape you had better be pretty well grounded with God or you will be ground up and spit out.

This would be a Great Time for the Accuser Brittney Lewis to Repent and turn towards the Living God for the only name the demons fear is Yeshua.

5) Finally - as a sign of America’s Moral Decline - Barnes & Noble places a Book online featuring Al-Queda Bomb Instruction and it can be downloaded for free.

The FBI took no action against Barnes & Noble for encouraging the Free Publication of this Terrorist Handbook.


President Trump refused the Flu Shot - setting the Vaccine Companies back 50 years.



I am being blocked from getting more information to protect our President, President Putin and President Xi Jinping.

If there is a threat to him and he finds out his staff forgot to move me to a place where I can further protect President Trump ---

You’ll Be Fired and the Living GOD will be YOUR judge.

It’s not nice to play with a President’s Lives.

Intel Geeks: Either you will do as GOD has directed or GOD will now stomp your rear. So HE has said it,  so it shall be.


Pray for President Trump’s safety.

Those who stand in his way will fall to the wayside - so GOD has said it - so it shall be.



YOU make the difference. We can not emphasize that enough.





Please pray that your families and prepare for any emergency.


This is OUR country and here WE stand for FREEDOM

This is YOUR channel where about 90% of the stories come from YOU

Often times I have another story read to go - but since is YOUR channel we report on what YOU have asked for.

YOU have a voice

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Dr William B. Mount


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Al-Qaeda Bomb Instructions are a Free Download at Barnes & Noble


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